Top Tech Startups in Manitoba

It is time to check out Manitoba’s top tech startups leading in diverse sectors like sustainable fashion, eCommerce solutions, agronomic data analytics, software development, and real estate technology.

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You gotta be captivated by the thriving tech landscape in Manitoba, where startups like Amazon,, Farmers Business Network, NuBinary, and Smart Apartment Data are making a mark!

Discover more about the dynamic tech ecosystem in Manitoba by delving further into the profiles, services, reviews, industry recognition, and future growth of these top tech startups. These startups all got big financing, and some even got Manitoba venture capital tax breaks as well as startup business loans from Manitoba.

Manitoba Startup Company Profiles


  1. Amazon stands out for its focus on sustainable fashion and leading the industry.
  2. specializes in search and product discovery, catering to eCommerce giants like Sephora and Lego.
  3. Farmers Business Network plays an important role in connecting farmers by utilizing agronomic data and predictive analytics to enhance livelihoods.
  4. NuBinary offers Fractional-CTO services and software development for startups across various tech sectors.
  5. Smart Apartment Data delivers market intelligence to professionals in the apartment industry through thorough data platforms, shaping the future of real estate technology in Manitoba.

These Startups in Manitoba are Tech Experts:

  1. Innowise delivers exceptional IT outsourcing and staff augmentation services, leveraging their expertise since 2007. Innowise boasts a rating of 4.956 for their IT Outsourcing & Staff Augmentation services, backed by over 4,000 reviews since 2007.
  2. Simform specializes in digital product engineering and talent solutions, ensuring excellent services for clients. Simform stands out with a rating of 4.958, showcasing customer satisfaction in Digital Product Engineering and Talent Solutions, emphasizing their experienced and collaborative team.
  3. datarockets stands out for developing world-class products for growth, earning high praise with a 5.017 review rating. datarockets excels with a perfect rating of 5.017, known for developing world-class products for growth with one of the best outsourcing teams.
  4. Bit Space Development Ltd. focuses on cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality app development, offering innovative solutions. Bit Space Development Ltd. shines in Virtual & Augmented Reality App Development with a rating of 4.918, praised for their expertise in immersive technologies.
  5. Blue Shark Solution Inc. excels in embracing the latest technologies with their team of skilled developers, providing outstanding software development services. Blue Shark Solution Inc. impresses with a remarkable rating of 5.0, focusing on technology solutions with a strong QA expertise as recognized by the CTO of CarAdvise.

Industry Recognition

Shifting from the domain of customer reviews, the tech startups in Manitoba have garnered significant industry recognition for their innovative contributions and impactful solutions. Winnipeg stands out as a hub for tech innovation, with companies like SkipTheDishes, Bold Commerce, and Sightline Innovation leading the pack.

SkipTheDishes has been instrumental in empowering restaurants, couriers, and customers globally, expanding its reach internationally. Bold Commerce is a key player, providing innovative ecommerce technology to a vast array of brands worldwide. Sightline Innovation’s AI expertise has positioned them as leaders in guiding organizations through digital transformations.

With a focus on economic development, Winnipeg continues to attract business, investment, events, and skilled individuals, fostering a thriving tech ecosystem in Manitoba.

Future Growth of Manitoba Tech Startups

Amidst the current landscape of tech startups in Manitoba, the trajectory for future growth appears promising and dynamic. With companies like Neo Financial, Librestream, and Bold Commerce showcasing aggressive growth plans, the region is set to witness significant expansion and investment.

Job opportunities are on the rise, with these firms planning to hire hundreds of employees, contributing to the local economy and job market. Winnipeg’s ICT sector, known for its cooperative environment and competitive business costs, is home to a thriving community of small and medium-sized companies.

As SkipTheDishes, Bold Commerce, and Sightline Innovation lead the way as top employers, Manitoba’s tech scene is poised for robust growth and development in the coming years.

Bonus: 10 successful startups from Manitoba:

  1. Bold Commerce – Ranked 12th on the 2019 Growth 500 list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, with 6,878% growth over 5 years and $10-20 million in revenue in 2018. 
  2. Tiber River – Ranked 193rd on the 2019 Growth 500 list. 
  3. Neovation Learning Solutions – Ranked 196th on the 2019 Growth 500 list. 
  4. People Corporation – Ranked 280th on the 2019 Growth 500 list. 
  5. Manitobah Mukluks – Ranked 342nd on the 2019 Growth 500 list. 
  6. BCV Asset Management Inc. – Ranked 352nd on the 2019 Growth 500 list. 
  7. Label Source – Ranked 447th on the 2019 Growth 500 list. 
  8. Value Partners Investments – Ranked 453rd on the 2019 Growth 500 list. 
  9. Clear Concepts – Ranked 457th on the 2019 Growth 500 list. 
  10. Bison Fire Protection Inc. – Ranked 472nd on the 2019 Growth 500 list. 


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