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Uber for Photographers: Mobile Apps for On-Demand Photography

uber for photographyThe Uber for X term has been tossed around quite loosely, but photography is one area where it makes sense. If you need a local photographer in a pinch, and you pull out your smartphone to order one with competitive rates, well, you’ve just participated in an Uber for photography technological experience.

We’ve listed a few apps which offer local photographer bookings by way of a mobile app. And if you need more specific photoshoot tips, then check out photoshoot goals for a comprehensive photoshoot overview.

Best Local Photographer Booking Mobile Apps:

Pinpic: Book a Local Photographer

PinPic is a service that lets you book photographers in your area, essentially making it Uber for local photographers. You are able to choose from over 400 professionally experienced photographers in cities all over the world. You will be able to discuss your photography needs via their web platform or by using their mobile app. Decide where you want to meet the photographer, and agree on a time. After the photo shoot, the photographer will be able to deliver your photos via the Pinpic platform, by email, or by a printed format. These photo shoots are perfect for any holiday anniversary or special moment.

PhotoSesh: On-Demand Affordable Local Photographers Near Me

PhotoSesh is a mobile app that allows you to book an instant photographer within seconds. By using this app, you will be able to view the free schedule spots for photographers in your local area and book them with a couple of clicks. Customer rating system allows you to search and compare without having to read through testimonials, which are all verified. The photographers are also screened and vetted, to add a layer of safety and security. Digital images are usually sent out within 72 hours, which you will have full rights to. Pricing is very competitive, with some photographers being as cheap as $30 an hour.

Snappr: Book a Pro Photographer Instantly

If you need an instant photographer, then Snappr is the service for you. It allows you to instantly connect with professional photographers, for as little as $59 per booking. All you need to do is give as much information as you can about the location, time and style they are looking for, and within one minute a suitable photographer will be matched up with you. The photographer will then bring their equipment to your chosen location, and the photo shoot will commence. You will receive all of your photos in a securely hosted gallery, within 72 hours of the shoot finishing, which you can then instantly download to your computer.

Scoopshot: Hire a photographer in less than 2 minutes

Scoopshot is a freelance photographer app, that lets you hire professional photographers, filmmakers and mobile crowd photographers from all around the world. If you’re looking to make some money yourself, you can also sign up as a freelancer, rather than just a buyer. If you’re looking to create a piece of film, then Scoopshot will gather all the necessary filmmaker roles at the location that you dictate, without you having to worry about any of the logistics. Initial account is free to setup, although it will cost tri-monthly or annually if you wish to manage many different tasks at once.

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