Minimum Viable Product Tools for Startups

If your startup company has a product under development, then it is worthwhile to explore your MVP – the minimum viable product, which is a product with juuuuuust enough features which allows you to gather validated data and learning about your product, as well as its continued development.

Obviously it makes sense to go the MVP route, instead of developing a product with tons of features that end up not being used and ultimately wasted.

What Are Some Good Tools for Creating a Minimum Viable Product for Startups?


LaunchRock: The Fastest Way to Acquire Customers

LaunchRock is a cool platform that enables one to create landing pages without expertise and deep pockets. Basically, it’s a respectable landing page builder that requires no coding skills, technical know-how, or any other bells and whistles. With simple setup, exportable data, and user-friendly designs, it’s an ideal tool for launching new business or products. A click of a mouse in the middle of an ordinary day is all it takes to create spectacular landing pages on the LaunchRock web platform. Got hosting issues too? LaunchRock allows users to host numerous landing pages on their server for free.

Marvel App: Free Mobile and Web Prototyping

Marvel is an innovative web prototyping tool for all the non-nerds out there. It helps one create prototypes of web projects and mobile applications in a simple and fast manner. With Marvel, one can literally turn a budding idea into a demo app within minutes with no technical knowledge. It’s a handy tool for startups that are keen on creating a realistic version of an app before a full blown launch. With sketch import, collaboration, image customization and more, it offers more creative freedom than its competition. The prototype is also designed to accept feedback. So, anyone watching the prototype can drop their valuable comments. The best part is that it’s free for two projects/per user.

QuickMVP: Software for Customer Validation and Business Viability Testing

QuickMVP is the easiest and fastest tool out there that will tell you whether your business idea is a hero or a zero. Basically, it lets you put your idea into test. Through their web-based platform, one can instantly create a landing page, which comes with a built-in tracker. Moreover, the landing page is also integrated with Google Adwords to test the keywords and ads. Simply put, it helps one get immediate traffic to the landing page to test the waters. For $30 a month in addition to AdWords spending, QuickMVP proves to be an ideal solution for startups to test their business idea without throwing an arm and a leg.

Instapage: Landing Page Software for TEams

Instapage is a landing page creation cloud service tool to sell products or to collect email address online. With 150+ predesigned templates, the service is geared towards creating sales funnel pages, thank you pages, and webinar pages. By simply dragging and dropping, it lets one can create amazing pages within minutes. The mobile optimized feature lets one view how the page will look on a mobile device. Also, it enables one to split test the landing pages and track conversions. All of these and more features with zero coding knowledge starting at $29/month.

Waitlisted: Waitlist Management for Startups, Beta Testing Pools, Find Early Adopters

Waitlisted is a perfect platform to gather users before a product or business launch. The portal makes it super easy to create dynamic landing pages on the fly. While the landing pages do the job of building an audience, one can focus on building the product. One can use the basic features for free. For unlimited usage and added features, one can try the premium or pro version of the software priced at $19.99/month and $39.99/month respectively. They are currently in beta phase, but they are accepting fresh registrations.

Untorch: Viral Marketing Tool for Email Signups

Untorch is an automated email signup referral program that could prove to be a great viral marketing tool for startups. Untorch helps one create an email capture form with a unique URL for every signup to share. The system automatically tracks all the referrals coming from the unique URL. When visitors signup to the Untorch page, they are prompted to refer five friends in return for a cool product or service for no cost. In a way, it sets the site on viral mode.

Blocs app: Easy to Use Visual Design App for Startup MVPs

Blocs app allows one to create basic responsive website on the go without the need of any technical skills. It’s a fast, effortless, and easy way to create beautiful and visually enticing sites without the need to understand or write any codes. Basically, it helps one become an overnight website designer. Of course, the design options are limited, but they are good enough for startups. With no subscription model, their Personal Edition costs $79.99, and Team Edition costs $359.99. One can create unlimited websites with any of these editions. Prototypes for Startups

Thinking of building an iPhone or iPad app prototype? is an application that allows users to quickly create fully interactive mobile app prototypes without throwing a sweat. Believe it or not, it allows one to create a prototype with no coding skills in less than 30 minutes. Launched in 2011, this commercial web platform can simulate just about everything a real app can do. It has its own plugin for Photoshop and Sketch, and it offers a broad selection of Android and iOS components, which can be customized to a certain extent. Their beginner package starts at $24/month.

Generator: Landing Pages for Startup MVPs

The Generator is a blessing for startups that are looking to build their own landing page without any tech skills. With drop and drag features, one can easily create high-converting landing pages within minutes to capture user data or leads. With hundreds of high-quality predesigned templates, and the ability to add personal touch, one can get a professional looking site in no time like a pro. Startups can easily start campaigns, events, special promotions, and contests by using this tool.

Strikingly: How to Make Your Own Startup Website for an MVP

Praying to get amazing free websites? Strikingly could be the answer to your prayers. Strikingly is a free and user-friendly web-based tool to create personal, business, portfolio, startup or any other kind of mobile optimized website of your choice. With an easy to use interface, even a non-nerd can play around with the look and feel of the website. Hundreds and thousands of people have chosen Strikingly for their website needs. Why? Strikingly makes website creation a super easy affair. Hence, it’s been a hit with the masses. Moreover, it doesn’t cost anything. What more can you ask for?

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