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Uber for Freelancers & Outsourcing

uber for freelancingAre you a company that has a hard time looking for local freelancers? Or are you a stay at home parent or a student that needs extra income and would like a freelance job?

While there is never a lack of talented individuals and potential companies for freelance work, sometimes it can be hard to find them, especially if you don’t know where to look. However, times have changed and now more companies and individuals are adapting “Uberization.”

Uberization (or Uberisation), the latest term used for the modern industry that adapts the structure of business organizations such as Uber, Grabcar, and other modern companies, has revolutionized the way freelancing works. Uberization, or Uber for X, allows interested customers to easily get a hold of potential service providers through Uber for X apps or other means of communication which allows for direct contact with each other.

Best Uber for Freelancing & Outsourcing Apps & Websites:

This way of sourcing is a most welcome innovation, for both local and international businesses. We wish to help companies and freelancers find each other easily, and this is why we’ve compiled the top 5 Uber websites for freelancers and outsourcers.

Peerhustle: Uber for Freelancers App

Peerhustle was founded by CEO Ian Balina and was launched on October 15, 2015. The company aims to create a real-time and on-demand marketplace for freelancers, and it is especially catered for those who live in the U.S.A. Simply download Peerhustle on a mobile phone (iPhone or Android) to start looking for freelancers to hire or a freelance gig.

The Peerhustle app uses geo-location to locate the app user, and communication is done in real-time with three platforms to choose from: phone calls, video chat, and in-app messaging. The app has the information of real people along with their genuine information.

Even their freelancer’s rates are shown publicly for transparency. Payments are integrated and hassle free as there is no outside processing of payments. Reviews are done automatically after every job.

Envato: Build projects with a community of over 6 million

In 2006, Envato, also known as Eden, was founded by three people: Jun Rung, Cyan Ta’eed, and Collis Ta’eed in Sydney, Australia. It was first created as a lifestyle business catered to travel and work but it soon became a flourishing tech startup

Envato is utilized by highly skilled technical workers such as web designers worldwide. It’s a digital marketplace which advertises and sells unique creative assets such as photography, graphics, 3D models, video, themes, and audio. Their most popular marketplace is the ThemeForest. It’s a place that  allows you to hire the best freelancers and also provides you with the chance to learn new technical skills such as creating websites and videos.

Speedlancer: Uber for Freelancers

Speedlancer is located in Australia. If you would like to utilize their services, there are three easy steps to follow. The first thing you need to do is to choose a category: Design, Data Entry, or Research, and Writing. Describe the task you would like to assign and be as specific about the project as possible. Then, those suitable for the task will contact you and ask questions. Once you’ve chosen the best individual for the task, make a payment.

Freelancers who use Speedlancer just need to check for openings and click on reply. You’ll then enter into a contract once you’re hired. Applicants are based worldwide, but clients prefer working with those who work in U.S. time zones.

JOD: Jobs on Demand for Skilled Freelancers

J.O.D., or Jobs On Demand, is based in Singapore and was created to make sure that everyone has a chance to become a full-time or part-time worker in their area of expertise. J.O.D.  is similar to Peerhustle where it also uses geo-location to match your job’s needs. It also works real time, providing employees with live notifications of job opportunities that are available on a timely basis.

J.O.D. is suitable for freelancers who need flexible work hours as it doesn’t follow any rosters or schedules. This is also helpful for business owners that are looking for individuals who are qualified enough to accomplish different tasks.

Konsus: On-Demand Outsourcing

Konsus is based in Palo Alto, California. It is known as an on-demand and efficient outsourcing company that concentrates on six major digital tasks. These are PowerPoint, Content Writing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Research, and Data Entry. If you are a freelancer, once you send the requirements and a sample of your work, they’ll let you know if you’re a right fit for the company and will assign you with a project manager a.s.a.p.

If you would like to use their services, you need to have a committed project manager assigned to a great team. Video conferences, regular calls, and other communication channels will be used to make sure that you would have no issues with communication.

The Uber strategy has allowed the incredible transformation of how businesses get projects done, and it has streamlined a great solution for job-sourcing. The ever-changing landscape of various industries is the reason why you need to use these Uberized websites if you’re looking for people to outsource, or if you are a freelancer that would like to find work that suits your talents needs in a convenient way.

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