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Uber for Helicopters

helicopter uberIn a rush? Why not hail an Uber? Oh, you need to get from the Lower East Side in New York City to Trenton, New Jersey in just 27 minutes? No problem. You can Uber a helicopter, seriously.

Some people hail cabs, and other people order on demand helicopters. We have entered a new generation of taxi services, which now includes land and air with Uber for X for heli’s.

Best On Demand Helicopter Apps:

Without further ado, we present the three best, er, three only Uber for helicopter mobile apps that seem to be out there on the market right now:

Blade: On Demand Helicopter Service

The Blade is the Uber for helicopters. Basically, it’s an on demand Uber-style helicopter service that enables you to bypass road traffic by letting you book a seat on a flight within seconds by merely tapping few buttons on your smartphone.

This technology overhaul intends to change the way short-distance aviation operates. Just press a few buttons on your mobile app, book a flight within seconds, skip the traffic with all delight, enjoy some free perks with no remorse, and reach your destination in a flash. Their flights operate from New York area and other popular regional destinations such as Manhattan, Westchester, Miami, and Palm Beach.

Depending on the flight time, one-way tickets with Blade will cost you around $500, which is several times less than a private helicopter ride. The extra cost is obviously due to the Uber-like availability of their choppers.

Gotham Air: On Demand Helicopter Fleet

Gotham Air will make sure that you never get stuck in traffic again. Cut your traveling time from 2 hours to 6 minutes. No, we are not kidding. You can fly from Manhattan to JFK/EWR in a flat 6 minutes.

An on demand mobile app for shared charter helicopters, Gotham Air promises get-set-go departure and arrival like nothing else in the market. It’s Uber equivalent service for chopper flights. Their shared flights won’t cost you boatloads of money. First-time users are charged only $99 for one way, and subsequently users are charged anywhere from $199 to $219.

To deal with the catastrophic bad weather that could halt a helicopter from taking off, they compensate customers with a luxurious destination ride in Tesla S car. Luxury at its best, isn’t it?

Bell Helicopter Teams Up With Uber for Electric Flying Taxis:

Who would like to fly with Uber? Bell Helicopter and technology giant Uber have joined hands, and the hybrid is a future-oriented network of aircraft for public transportation in huge urban areas such as Dallas/Fort Worth.

By partnering with a host of aviation manufacturers, electric charging entities, real estate, and other companies, Uber is doing everything possible to materialize its dream of flying cars. Possibly, it won’t be long before we witness an Uber for aircraft.

So, be ready for an on demand mobile app that could potentially take the air-service industry by storm. Make no mistake, this isn’t a tomorrow-ready service, but it won’t take light-years either. One can expect a viable Uber air taxi network within few years.

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