How to Name Your Startup Company

Choosing your startup company name is harder than it seems. Unless you get hit with a creative burst of inspiration, it can be hard to capture the right combination of letters and words.

And of course, there have been some awful startup names over the years, including Fashism, ipipi, Fairtilizer, Thoof, and oooooc. See the full list here.

Best Tools for Choosing a Startup Company Name:


Dock Name

Dock Name is a unique crowdsourced service, which is a nuclear option to find a domain name for any startup business or product. On their platform, startups provide a brief overview of their business along with their budget to get proposals from individuals who have suitable domains for sale. The community votes for the submitted domains, but the final choice rests with the clients. Basically, it lets the world think of a cool domain name for your company when you run out of inspirations. It’s a joy to hike this site for a cool domain name. Keep in mind that the platform does not facilitate in closing the deal. It only acts as a medium to connect buyers and sellers. Domain requests can be boosted to the top for a one-time nominal fee of $4.99.


Often referred as a one-stop-shop for better business names, BrandBucket offers a host of pre-selected domains that are carefully chosen by a team of experts. One can use the search feature on their site to explore all the domains on their web portal. They have thousands of domains listed on their platform. So, it’s unlikely for someone to leave empty-handed from their platform. So, you can jump right into BrandBucket to free yourself from the monumental task of picking the right domain name for your business/product.

How to Name your startup

In the form of a URL, the domain name is the house address of a website. Through a video, Jason Calacanis offers rock-solid advice on how to choose the right domain name for your business. Jason Calacanis is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who walks the talk. Having sold domains for millions of dollars, the guy knows the playing field better than 99% of the world’s population. His video presentation can help one land the perfect domain name, which is critical for the success of one’s business.


A home for hundreds of premium domain names, Marketing.Club provides startups with an opportunity to lay one’s hands on a unique and short domain name. From 1 grand to 10 grand, their portal is filled with short and brand-worthy domain names. Upon choosing a domain name, users can make an offer via phone, chat, or email to close the deal. A visit to their site will help you choose a good domain name for your business in a hassle free manner without taking your creative brain for a jog.


In simple words, Panabee is a business name generator. It can be used to search an ideal domain, company, or app name. The site offers numerous suggestions based on the entered search terms. Once a domain term is entered, it shows the availability of different domain extensions and offers plenty of recommendations based on the original search. The search function works like a breeze, and its great fun to use. You will love the alternatives offered. Apart from domain names, the site checks for the availability of popular social media platforms as well such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.


Web application Namechk shows you whether your username is available or not across various social media platforms so that you can choose a good username to be used on all the sites. Namechk instantly screens 150+websites and displays results in a flash. A green banner indicates the availability of the username, and a red banner indicates non-availability of the username. It’s a quick service. Believe it or not, results are returned in less than a minute. Imagine the hours of manual work saved in the process.


These days, it’s extremely rare to find a name that is already not registered or trademarked. Launched in 2009, one can use Trademarkia to search for registered trademarks for the new startup to protect one’s business or product. Their innovative platform enables users to locate trademarks on their own in record time. Moreover, they help one file and register for trademark through their software and technology. Both new and existing businesses can use their services. They not only facilitate users from the USA, but from all the major countries in the world.


NameRobot is do-it-yourself software that helps you choose a unique and best-fitting name for your business or project. It’s intended to make your name-storming sittings easier. The chances are that you will find that single name that could lead you on the right path of success. The web portal will find you suitable collection of names in the shortest possible time. They offer different kinds of memberships tailored to individual needs. The demo version helps one try out the service for free.


NameMesh, an Indian startup offers users smart domain suggestions through their innovative search engine algorithm.  The web portal offers hundreds of alternatives to help one pick the perfect domain name for one’s next business. A simple search can instantly generate a huge list of brand suggestions in a single page. One’s best bet would be to enter few domain keywords separated by space to get maximum results. The suggested names are ranked based on certain key metrics which helps one choose a domain name quickly.


Feeling lucky today? Want to hunt for a perfect business name for free? Forget the hours-long process. Naminum, a leading business name generator can help you over here. The web portal will ask you for a related word or two that you can think of, which might accurately describe your business/product. Based on the entered terms, the results will be displayed instantly along with additional recommendations. Hundreds and thousands of startups have benefited from this free service. Hopefully, your hunt for a perfect business name will cease with Naminum.



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