Most Successful Startups Founded in New York City, NY

New York City, known for its dynamic and innovative business environment, (and tons of hit records!) has been the birthplace of numerous successful startups. Here’s a list of 30 awesome startups founded in NYC, showcasing a diverse range of industries and their achievements:

  1. Squire (Founded in 2015): A platform streamlining the booking and payment process for barber services nationwide, facilitating easy discovery and appointments for users seeking quality barber services​​.
  2. OpenSea (Founded in 2017): The world’s largest marketplace for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), OpenSea has become a significant player in the blockchain market, raising a total of $427.2 million to expand its platform​​​​.
  3. Cleerly (Founded in 2017): A healthcare company focused on preventing heart attacks through digital care pathways, integrating clinical science with AI to offer actionable insights for heart care​​.
  4. Fireblocks (Founded in 2018): Provides secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets, leveraging MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology for asset security​​.
  5. Ramp (Founded in 2019): A finance automation platform that helps businesses manage expenses and automate financial operations, aiming to reduce time and money spent on financial processes. Check out NYC startup funding options here.
  6. Capchase (Founded in 2020): A fintech startup offering financial solutions for SaaS companies, allowing them to access cash tied up in future payments without resorting to debt or equity sales​​.
  7. Ribbon Home (Founded in 2017): A real estate platform enhancing the buying and selling process with a unique showcase link for listings, simplifying the transaction experience​​.
  8. Attentive (Founded in 2016): A mobile messaging platform offering personalized communication tools for brands to maintain customer engagement through custom campaigns and analytics​​.
  9. Cityblock Health (Founded in 2017): Uses a tech-driven approach to healthcare, focusing on underserved communities with the aim of providing high-quality, affordable care through mobile technology and data-driven decision making​​.
  10. Wonder (Founded in 2017): A food delivery startup operating truck-based restaurants, allowing customers to order fresh, healthy food through a mobile app at competitive prices compared to traditional dining options​​.
  11. CertiK (Founded in the Unknown Year): Specializes in blockchain security, utilizing AI technology to monitor and secure smart contracts and blockchain protocols, a venture by professors from Columbia University and Yale University aiming to enhance Web3 security​​.
  12. Tarci (Founded in 2019): Focuses on big data, predictive analytics, and software, offering a continuous intelligence engine for SMBs to capture and use data effectively, leveraging AI for real-time B2B prospecting​​.
  13. Bravo Sierra (Founded in 2018): A performance wellness company that collaborates with over 1,000 active US military members to test and develop goods, dedicating 5% of sales to support the military community​​.
  14. (Founded in 2019): An investment platform enabling fractional ownership of assets like stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies, committed to educational content without selling trade data​​.
  15. Spotnana Technology (Founded in 2020): Provides cloud-based software solutions for the travel industry, offering a “travel-as-a-service” platform to facilitate global travel management​​.
  16. Mesh Payments (Founded in 2018): A fintech startup offering cardless corporate payments solutions for SaaS companies, enhancing financial management and visibility for businesses​​.
  17. Talos (Founded in 2018): A cryptocurrency trading platform offering comprehensive digital asset trading and management technologies for various market participants​​.
  18. (Founded in 2020): Develops software for SMS and outbound phone sales solutions, aiming to increase customer engagement and sales through direct communication​​​​.
  19. Esusu Financial (Founded in an Unknown Year): Targets the financial services sector with a focus on improving financial inclusion and eliminating the racial wealth gap​​.
  20. Rocean (Founded in an Unknown Year): Aims to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles by offering a device that filters, flavors, and carbonates tap water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with bottled water​​.
  21. RealBlocks (Founded in 2017): Utilizing blockchain technology to simplify access to alternative investments, RealBlocks focuses on enhancing liquidity and offering diversified products for investors​​.
  22. Revel (Founded in an Unknown Year): Offers on-demand electric moped services, allowing users with a valid driver’s license to explore New York from Queens to Brooklyn and beyond on two wheels​​.
  23. SHOWFIELDS (Founded in an Unknown Year): A retail experience company that transcends traditional shopping by integrating narrative storytelling with physical spaces, offering immersive experiences that bridge art and retail​​.
  24. Soundmind (Founded in an Unknown Year): Partners with Amazon’s Alexa to provide seniors and other users uncomfortable with technology a user-friendly interface to access services and communicate with loved ones through voice commands​​.
  25. Speak It Yourself VR (Founded in an Unknown Year): Aims to revolutionize language learning through virtual reality, offering immersive experiences for users to learn English with 360-degree videos and interactive tools​​.
  26. Stoop (Founded in an Unknown Year): Addresses New York City’s challenging rental market by offering flexible living arrangements through an all-inclusive monthly price for private rooms, simplifying the moving process​​.
  27. Supergreat (Founded in an Unknown Year): A community-driven platform where users share honest reviews and beauty tips, fostering a space for genuine feedback on beauty products​​.
  28. Surgarai (Founded in an Unknown Year): Developed by surgeons to enhance patient care in operating rooms by combining preoperative and intraoperative information for up-to-date patient insights​​.
  29. Taskade (Founded in an Unknown Year): A digital coworking space that facilitates real-time collaboration, project visualization, and team management across calendars, promoting productivity and organization​​.
  30. Tend (Founded in an Unknown Year): A dental care platform that aims to alleviate the common fear of dentist visits by offering a more pleasant check-up experience, including the ability to continue watching Netflix during appointments​​.

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