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Uber for Bikes: On-Demand City Bike Rental Apps

uber for bikesNeed to get somewhere in your city ASAP? You could probably use an on-demand bike. Better yet, an on-demand bike with a mobile app. This way you can order with your smartphone.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached the age of Uber for X bikes, with a slew of on demand biking apps for intra-city usage.

Mobike: Singapore’s Leading Bikeshare System

With a patented smart lock system, Mobike lets you get a bike ride right away on demand by simply downloading their mobile app and scanning the QR code on the bike. Well, think of Mobike as the Uber for bikes.

The best part is that one can end their ride in any public bike parking space close to their destination. For just $0.50 for half an hour ride, Mobike offers an easy and secure solution for getting around places without any carbon footprints. Thousands of bikes are deployed around Singapore, and Mobike has also managed to attract a lot of big investors.

Ofo: On Demand Bike Rental Service

Ofo is Beijing-based bike sharing platform established in 2014. Having received millions of dollars to accelerate its growth, Ofo is looking to expand its business outside China. Thousands of bright yellow bicycles could be seen on the streets of USA and UK for its Uber for bikes rental services.

One can hail a bike on demand through a mobile app and return it on set locations whenever a person is ready to return the bike. Users are charged anywhere between 7 to 15 cents for a 30-minute ride. With millions of registered users, Ofo is looking to change the dynamics of short distance traveling. As a matter of fact, the company is worth billions of dollars today.

Bluegogo: Mobile App for City Bike Rental

Bluegogo is a new player in the industry. Its weapon of choice is also bicycle. They charge $0.99 for 30 minutes of bike ride, which is far less than an average bus fare. Just like its competition, it aims to put China on two wheels. The end result would be a profitable business and a less polluted country. Not to forget the fact that bicycle riding boost’s one mental and physical well-being as well. Their bicycles are located all throughout the city. One can locate them through their mobile app. From booking to locating, unlocking, and paying, everything is done through their on demand mobile app in a hassle-free manner.

Donkey Republic: Location-Based 24-7 Bike Rental

No, it’s not the Uber for donkey rides, it’s an Uber for real bikes. So, don’t let the funny name fool you. The Donkey Republic is actually a smartphone enabled 24/7 self-service bicycle sharing platform. Just download their free mobile app, find a bicycle in cities across Europe and beyond, and unlock the electronic lock with your phone itself.

Once done with the ride, return the bike to its pick-up spot, lock it, and end up the rental affair with your app. Founded in 2012, the company has ambitions to operate their business to a city near you. Customer reviews suggest that it’s worth taking one of these bikes for a spin.

If a bike doesn’t do it for you, then make sure to check out our Uber for boats page.

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