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Uber for Meetings: On Demand Office Space Apps

uber for meetingsSome are calling it Uber for X meetings, others are saying it’s an on demand office space rental service mobile app.

Either way, groups of people can now book meeting areas on a moment’s notice – in various conference centers, hotels, and even certain office buildings.

And if you want your meeting to be a bit more jovial, don’t forget to order an Uber for alcohol while you’re at it.

On Demand Meeting Space and Co-Working Apps

Below are the 8 best on demand Uber style meeting apps on the market right now:

Cowork7x24: More Than Just Rent a Desk

There are a slew of new coworking booking platforms offering workers on-demand desk/meeting room, but what sets Cowork7x24 apart is that in addition to booking a desk/meeting room for the day or month, they also offer an efficient and modern way to connect with the people around you.

Through the app, you can post on the community board what you do and the type of people you’re looking to connect with. For example, if you’re looking for some quick copywriting work, you post on the digital board so relevant community members interested; can quickly drop by your desk to introduce themselves. Or say you’re looking to sell your MacBook, you can let community members know and they can swing by to learn more. The digital community board is a convenient, low-pressure, and efficient way to build deeper relationships within the coworking community. Check out our exclusive interview with them here.

Bizly: Meetings and Events on Demand

Bizly is like having an Uber meetings in your pocket. We had the opportunity to sit down with the Bizly app for an awesome interview and they are a serious, legit company. Basically, their service allows instant booking of private meeting spaces at some of the leading hotels in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

All one needs to do is pick the desired location and get things done on demand. The Bizly mobile app will show you the list of hotels with event spaces along with the prices to let you rent the room for a meeting in a flash. As such, the booking can be done through the app or directly through the website. Hotels are more than happy to rent their otherwise empty space. Most of their bookings happen six days in advance, which proves that it’s a good last-minute alternative.

Breather: Meeting Rooms on Demand & Short Term Office Space

Praying for a dedicated workspace in New York City without digging a hole in your wallet? Breather could prove to be the answer to your prayers. By making private spaces easily available through an on demand mobile app, breather functions more or less like Uber for car models.

It’s like the ‘third place’ beside your home and office. One can reserve a room within minutes with no membership or any other commitment. The booking can be done by the hour or by the day. Spread over multiple locations with access to free WiFi and productive working environment, Breather is all set to dominate the on demand workplace.

ShareDesk: Book Meeting Rooms or Shared Office Space Anytime and Anyplace

With ShareDesk, one can book workspace for an hour, day, or whole month. It’s spread over 440 cities across 70 countries. The ShareDesk platform lets you search for a perfect space in an effortless manner from their growing list of 4500+ venues.

All thanks to their on demand mobile app. One simply needs to select a space and pay securely to book a co-working space or business center with great peace of mind. It’s like the Uber for on demand workspaces and meeting rooms. You can book them as and when you need them without throwing an arm and a leg.

WorkWander: On Demand Meeting and Work Space Booking Platform

Who would have thought that there would be a mobile app for professional nomads as well? The freedom to work from anywhere by tapping few buttons on the smartphone is the new-age technology that WorkWander offers to customers.

WorkWander provides access to hundreds of inspiring and impressive workspaces in Singapore to work, meet new people, and built healthy professional relationships. Like Uber for car technology, WorkWander meets the need for urgent space in a seamless manner through their on demand mobile app. One can book only by the hour or day depending on one’s needs with no long term commitment whatsoever.

LiquidSpace: Flexible On Demand Office Space Network

LiquidSpace allows one to book high-quality workspaces at any budget. Basically, one can get real spaces in real time right through one’s mobile via their on demand office space mobile app. It’s the Uber for top workspaces.

LiquidSpace allows one to instantly rent office space by the hour, day, or longer. They show a curated collection of office spaces in real-time via their mobile app or website. Founded in 2010 and backed by leading investors, they offer more than 5500 workspaces in over 600 cities. While looking to scale its operation aggressively, the company is looking to expand in more cities across the globe.

This Space Works: Meeting Room, Office Space, or Boardroom Rental On Demand App

As long as you have a mobile device in hand, This Space Works can get you a perfect meeting location in a seemingly easy manner. The business models facilitate anyone with excess space to rent it out for meetings or any other business purpose.

This affordable on demand office rental service has gone well with the masses, and the demand for it has only increased with passing time. It’s the Uber for fast office rental space in Toronto and Ottawa. This Space Works mobile app aims to make life easy for professionals looking for a temporary rental space on short notice for the desired duration without any long-term commitment.

Hourly Spaces: On Demand Hourly Office Space Rental

HourlySpaces provides plenty of short-term rental opportunities for office spaces, face-to-face meetings, conferences, events, and short-term appointments. Boosting of best locations and high-class amenities at affordable rates, HourlySpaces operate in a similar fashion as Uber for car technology. Users are able to book on demand rental spaces across the globe with the convenience of a mobile app. There is no need to plan things ahead of time as booking can be done instantly. The prices don’t go up nor do they run out of spaces. Moreover, one just needs to pay for the hours of stay, and not for the whole day.

Cloud Meeting Rooms: Meeting and Conference Room Rental By the Hour

Why sit at a noisy coffee shop when you can book a private office space by pressing few buttons on your mobile app. Yes, you have guessed it right. An office sharing space. In a rapidly growing industry, Cloud Meeting Rooms promises perfect solution for on demand marketplace at prime locations in over 500 worldwide locations.

The rates are generally cheaper than hotel conference room booking and other business settings regardless of how long you choose to stay, an hour, a day, a week or more. Plus, you get all the required amenities to conduct your business operations. It’s an easy and affordable way to rent space without getting locked into long-term commitments.

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