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Uber for Goalies: Rent a Goalie for Hockey Games

uber for goaliesOkay folks, now we’ve seen it all. Uber for goalies is a real thing! And it makes sense too. Playing pickup sports can be easy and fun – if you’re playing soccer, basketball, or even baseball. But hockey – you can’t play without a proper goalie.

So, if you’re looking to organize a last minute pickup hockey game, or if you are a hockey goalie with the right gear, then these two Canadian (of course) Uber for X for hockey goalie apps are just what the doctor ordered:

My Puck: Rent a Goalie, On Demand

Imagine a goalie dropping the bomb on you by saying that he can’t make it. Phew! The last minute betrayal can cost your team a big event. After all, one is sure to be on the losing end without an experienced goalie on the field.

Now, imagine renting a goalie within 2 hours’ notice through an on demand mobile app. Bingo! MyPuck is a goalie rental service which operates in a similar fashion as Uber for cars. It’s Canada’s largest goalie rental business. You can literally rent the right goalie in the final hours, who will show up in the dressing room right before the battle.

With hundreds of goalies in their roster and rates starting as low as $50, this innovative service can help with a readily available goalie to save your day.

Puck App: Rent a Goalie Hockey App

Open for Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, Puck App lets you quickly rent a goalie on demand through their mobile app by matching your team with the best available goalie in their roster. Unlike the past, teams won’t have to forfeit the game in the absence of a goalie.

In Uber-like fashion, Puck App solves a unique hockey problem. With affordable pricing and reliable service, Puck App has been able to garner a lot of attention. Depending upon the location, a team is charged around $40 for a goalie. The goalie receives around 80% or more of the charged amount, and the rest goes to the company for rendering their platform.

The teams and goalie can rate each other, and the team can choose to tip their goalie based on performance.

If you’re looking for a more general app for outsourcing tasks, check out our article on uber for freelancers and outsourcing. 

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