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Uber for Haircuts Mobile Apps

uber for haircuts barbershopsThe Uber-style method of Uber for X mobile apps is spreading to everything, including haircut mobile apps. Instead of just lollygagging over to your local barber like you’ve been doing your whole life, with the help of Uber-style software, you can do one of two things:

  • Use a haircut/barber mobile app to schedule an appointment with ease. Order a barber to come to your house, Uber style, to give you a haircut

Best Local Haircut Appointment Mobile Apps:

Without further ado, we present to you the very best of the Uber style haircutting app that we found on the web and app stores:

Squire: Book An Appointment Online At A Barbershop

Get cuts on the go with the mobile app Squire. This app can help you find a barber near you and book an appointment online. Once you have picked the barber and service, you can select the time slot suited for you and set the appointment. Securely make your payment for a reservation. Be at the barber shop on your set schedule and get the haircut or shave you need. No more waiting in the queue. Just sit and relax!

Shortcuts: Haircuts on Demand App

A lengthy wait in a barber’s queue is a thing of the past. Download the mobile app Shortcuts. Through this app, you can select the service you need like a haircut, a clipper cut, a beard trim or a shave. Book an appointment with a barber and provide the location where you want the service be done. Just wait for the barber to arrive at your doorstep on the scheduled date and time. No need to travel and no cash required either.

Hairdoo: Haircuts & Blowouts On Demand

Download Hairdoo app for haircuts and blowouts on demand. Get your next haircut wherever you are. You can book, pay, and tip from the convenience of your phone. You can get the barber or stylist to do your haircut or hairstyle at your house, hotel, office, or anywhere you need them in less than 60 minutes. This service is available to all genders of all ages, even to children. Hairdoo gift cards are also available and are redeemable through the app.

MyBarber: On-Site Haircuts for Employees

Give your employees an extra perk with MyBarber. Keep your loyal employees looking fresh and save them their precious time by giving them on-site haircuts. The experienced barbers at MyBarber can visit your office at your convenient times and can provide your employees with a variety of haircut options. They can either be trendy or classic, and the results are haircuts that are luxurious and sharp. If you want to book a barber or if you have any inquiries, contact them here.

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