Escort Dating Apps Uber Escorts, & Stripper Apps

Would you believe that the idea for an escort app came from the world of Uber for X apps? First, let’s try to settle on a name:

Apps for Escorts? Uber Escort? Escort Dating App? Or a Stripper App?

Whether you call it Uber for escorts, tinder for escorts, paid dating apps, or even on-demand stripper apps, the point is, these escort for hire apps have simply not become popular enough for there to be proper industry jargon. In any case, we will review the few escort apps that seem to be available:

Ohlala: A Discreet (Escort) Dating App that Still works in 2024

Ohlala isn’t very coy about it’s intentions. For an in-depth review, check out this article which talks about apps for escorts and the future of paid dating escort apps. Ohlala, which also isn’t coy about it’s name, offers escorts and paid dating services at your fingertips. To be fair, they don’t use the word escort, either, but that’s what it looks like.

The Ohlala founder indeed consideres it to be a paid dating app and not necessarily an escort mobile app (even though the app lets men decide the budget of the date). According to Poppenreiter, the founder of Ohalala “designed with women in mind,” and this works because men cannot see or browse female profiles until a user answers a request.

The team at Ohlala is working on expanding to permit women to request dates, including all sexual orientations. Ohlala is not a naughty escort app service, and it does not encourage any illegal activities! The app is legal, and it seems to have a legit reputation.

Peppr: Escort Mobile App

Peppr definitely fits the Uber for escorts app very nicely, as they are very frank with their language on their website: Our goal is not only to take out the hassle of booking an erotic date, but also to offer a high-class, transparent platform that makes it easier and safer for our Pepprs.

Their website offers the safe escorts/dating services to the clients with just a press of a button. Peppr is an app-based escorts/dating service founded in 2014. The app has gotten a ton of press and clicks via features through Time Magazine, Vice, The Economist, The Huffington Post, and more.

The primary goal of the creator of the Peppr app is to book an erotic prostitute date without any hassle, and also to provide a high-class and apparent platform that is safe and easy to use. Right now the app is operating in Berlin and Frankfut, and offers escorts and private models on demand for erotic dates.

Is Tinder App Used for Escort Dating?

Unfortunately Tinder dating app is most definitely abused with prostitution and unfortunately is used as an escort dating app. Here are some ongoing discussions about how Tinder is used as a dating escort app: Reddit, Quora, Medium, and another Medium article about how Tinder girls are actually hookers.

Rendevu Mobile App: Uber for Escorts – CANCELED

It is unclear if Rendevu is officially functioning as an Uber for escorts and dating app, as there is no live website. But this feature on the Daily Mail tells you everything you need to know.

Rendevu offers escorts/dating services for clients instantly. Rendevu is an app-based service that helps clients gets the exact sex workers as per their interests. It is effectively an Uber for escorts, and it is an app that can be used safely within the erotic industry.  According to Reuben Coppa, a startup founder from Sydneym many people are seeking for companionship, and that is what they get through this app. He wanted to provide a safe sex environment since he developed the app as a safe space for sex workers.

Uber for Strippers Apps? A Bit Different than an Escort App!

Unsurprisingly, Uber for strippers hasn’t really taken off. If men want to hang out with a stripper, they can just go to a strip club. And it seems that most people don’t want random strippers entering their homes. And, if there was a bachelor party happening, it would stand to reason that this service already exists. Besides, what man wants to be caught with an ‘Uber for strippers’ mobile app on their phone??

There isn’t much in this industry, save for a fledgling and mysterious stripper app called Clover, which  lets users swipe through headshots of exotic dancers and then lets users select one to hire for an event, or, er, visit. The Daily Dot reviewed the app here, and expressed concerns that the Apple iOS store would even allow this app to function. Here is another review of the app, which focuses on the app’s offer to allow users to pay with bitcoin.

If you need a little extra to welcome your special guest, have you taken a look at our article on uber for alcohol? Ideal for relaxing evenings and good company.

What About Ashley Madison? Is It Still Working as a Discreet Dating App? Or is it Really Just an Escort Website?

There is a lively discussion on whether or not the infamous Ashley Madison dating cheating website app has now become an service to connect escorts with customers via their app and website service. According to Quora it is definitely a real website and functioning with full dating services. As for the type of clientele it has, that it is up to each user to find out in 2024!

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