Uber Style Apps for Cleaning in 2019

Uber for cleaning is the next obvious stage in this crazy Uber-everything world that we live in. But it makes sense. Need some house cleaning or your office to be cleaned in a jiffy? Maybe some household chores or even some light repairs for your home or office?

The Uber for X model totally works for cleaning. And that’s why we’ve gone ahead and listed the most used Uber style cleaning apps for home and office cleaning:

Most Popular Uber for Cleaning Apps:

Neatso Home Cleaning App

Neatso is considered to be the Uber of House Cleaning. It started when the founders offered their maids to relatives and friends to clean and do other house hold chores. After several meetings, they figured the convenience of these appointments. Appointments then were done through SMS. The customer indicates the chores and services he would like to avail and send it to the handlers. They then receive a message stating the amount due for that specific service.

Neatso is now an application that is available for download. An interested service subscriber needs to create an account first, which will allow him to select and book his cleaning needs. Prices are readily available after selection, and the amount will differ with the level and quantity of services. Once you’ve confirmed your appointment, a cleaning lady will be sent to your home.

Download the app here: https://www.getneatso.com/

Dectar House Cleaning App

Dectar started as a taxi provider application, which then expanded to more services like food delivery, tutoring, and even dog-walking. Dectar now also entered the field of providing cleaning services to houses and offices processed via a mobile application.

Its mission is to enable their subscribers to have relaxed and stress-free lives after a busy day at work or school. They ensure high quality cleaning services by properly equipping their workers with trainings and offering them incentives. Dectar is well-known for its fast transaction that is readily available 24/7 to assist the demands of their customers.

Download the app here: http://www.dectar.com/house-cleaning-app

App Jasmine: Uber X for Cleaning & Maid Services

The founders of App Jasmine are Uber enthusiasts. They wanted to encompass the services established by Uber to provide convenience through various services. Using their experience as technology entrepreneurs, its four developers created an application which started with transportation business, which then evolved to bigger services such as massages, computer repair, grocery and food delivery, and cleaning.

The founders established their company to provide the growing request for on-demand services especially on house hold chores and cleaning. Their app allows users to book and select their desired service. After confirming the appointment, the app will state the price. App Jasmine allows In-App Payment and Cash on Delivery.

Download the app here:

For Uber Cleaning: http://appjasmine.com/uberx-cleaning.php

For Uber Maid: http://appjasmine.com/uberx-maid.php

Getmaid: NYC Maid Service App

Get Maid provides cleaning services seven days a week. Interested customers can book their services via their mobile application or through their website.

Get Maid provides different kinds of cleaning services. They can do your laundry, your dishes, or even change sheets and do intense cleaning of all the rooms you wished to tidy up. Get maid ensures that their services are flexible enough to response to the demand of their customers. Get maid cleaners are properly evaluated, screened, and trained to comply with the service quality standards of the company.

Get maid offers one month duration of booking. When booked on the same day, they ensure the arrival of the cleaners within a maximum of two hours. Get maid arrives with the basic cleaning tools like brooms, mops, and glass cleaners.

Download the app here: http://getmaid.com/

Handy: Mobile App for Local, Trusted Cleaners

Handy connects people who demand for different kinds of house cleaning and repairing services from the right provider. They offer handyman and house chores services, which are handled by skilled and trusted professionals.

Handy secures the efficiency of their services to their customers by screening their providers intensely.

Booking on Handy is done via their app that will only take a minute or two. Using the account, bookings are done after the customer selected the date and time. Handy will then confirm the booked appointment and indicate the amount for the service. A cleaner will then be sent to the specified address. Handy ensures that your payment is processed securely since it is processed electronically.

Download the app here: https://www.handy.com/

Hux: Find the Perfect House Cleaner

Hux provides the finest house cleaners for their customers. If you are looking for cleaning services that are efficient and pet-friendly, then Hux can provide the job for you. They provided a checklist of their services on their website and app which include all forms of cleaning from dusting, washing, bed making, and ironing.

Hux is insured and bonded. All employees are also screened intensively and personal interviews and background checks are done to assess each. With this, only 6% of applicants are accepted. Hux ensures on time show-up on your settled appointment. Also, a customer need not to worry since they provide the supplies for Hux cleaners so they show up on your doorstep fully equipped with the basic and all-natural cleaning essentials.

Download the app here: https://www.hux.com/

Whizz: Home Cleaning Services App

Whizz provides on-demand cleaning services from basic home cleaning to intense lease cleaning. Whizz also ensures 100% customer satisfaction with their services, since they provide seven qualification steps for their employees before sending them out to do the job. Whizz also promises an easy and convenient booking experience all the time.

They do all sorts of cleaning services. In the kitchen, they do the dishes, cleans countertops and stove tops, polish and clean pots and appliances. They dust coaches, chairs, and furniture in the living room. They clean showers and baths and make beds and change linen. Whizz makes sure that they provide hassle-free transactions, and that their employees can handle any job that attracts repeat customers.

Download the app here: https://whizz.com.au/

If a good ol’ fashioned scrub and elbow grease isn’t enough, why not take a look at our page on uber for handyman, perfect for all your home improvement needs.

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