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Uber for Homework Help Apps

uber for homework schoolShhh! Don’t tell your teachers, but if you are having homework trouble then you can call on an Uber for X homework app.

Now you might be wondering: are these helpful apps in the sense that they help kids with their homework by explaining and tutoring them, similar to Uber for tutors apps, OR is it more of a “we will do your homework for X amount of money”?

The answer is both. And we won’t judge you if you’re in a pinch and need your homework done by a professional. Just don’t get caught!!

Best Homework Helper Mobile Apps:


SnapAsk: Learning Made Simple

Uber for homework? Sure, just don’t tell your teacher! Homework doesn’t have to suck anymore. At least, that’s what Snapask advocates for students based in Hong Kong. Focused mainly on homework assistance, Snapask is an app that allows students to post their questions by taking a snapshot and then matches them with the available tutors within seconds for a one-to-one interaction.

Similar to Uber for tutors, it not only provides the answer but also supports the answer with an explanation. Basically, it allows students to take leverage of the digital world for academic tutoring. It has a pool of thousands of tutors who are paid anywhere from HK$4 – HK$8 per reply, depending upon the student’s satisfaction levels.

SnapSolve by StudyRoom: Homework Help App

Back in the days, there were no apps to remind us to eat, sleep, and do homework etc. But, things have changed now. Available in over 100 schools in the United States, Snapsolve offers a way to help students with their homework through their app by just taking a photo. It’s available for students of all grades and all they cover all kinds of topics. No automated tools or answering machines are used over here. Real tutors respond to the queries.

Ideally, a tutor responds to students within 15 minutes with the answer along with clear explanations. Easy questions are answered for free, while time-consuming ones carry a fee.

Bonnenote.fr: Uber for Homework Mobile App

A recent fee-based Uber for homework service that helps France-based high school students to post graduates, Bonnenote has garnered a lot of attention for both good and bad reasons. With few mouse clicks, students are able to send their assignments to professors, retired teachers, and other registered tutors for immediate help.

The students or parents who help their kids with the homework can get the help they need for a small fee. This business model has not gone well with schools and their administrations. Some schools are demanding the online portal to be shut down because it serves as a cheating mechanism for students.

Yup: Math, Chemistry, Physics Homework Helper App

Yup claims that it can save your day if you are stuck on your homework. Whether you missed a day’s worth of school or you don’t always have the required resources at your disposal to do your homework, it can take the stress out of your life by giving you instant access to digital help 24/7.

Elite tutors are made available at a snap that help students learn on their own pace through comfortable mediums such as text, drawing, and photo sharing. So, instead of merely giving out quick answers, they aim to develop a student’s learning ability and knowledge.

One simply needs to download the app for unlimited tutoring at a small cost. So, instead of being an Uber for homework, it’s more of an Uber for studying and learning.

Queri – Homework Tutor Help!

That homework that is due shortly can get digital help when no one in the real world is there to help one out. In a niche space that lacked good solution, Queri App makes this possible as an Uber for homework and schoolwork.

With no monthly fees or recurring subscriptions, users can decide for themselves how much they want to pay for the service. Tutors who attend to users can earn decent amount of money in their free time by putting their academic knowledge to good use, while helping students stuck with their homework.

With headquarters in Singapore, the app can be downloaded for free and queries can be posted by users 24/7 under any of the listed 22 categories displayed on the platform for quick resolution. Most questions are responded within minutes to half an hour.

If you’re looking for extra help in the educational arena, check out our article on uber for tutors!

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