How to Crush Your Dream Startup Job Interview

Landing a job at an awesome startup can be tricky – many startups capsize due to lack of funding or a product fizzling. If you’re already on our site, you’re in the right direction – we interview awesome startups once a month, so be sure to read those to get an idea of what startup CEO’s are thinking. And for more tactical interview advice, then read below:

Follow these 7 guidelines and you will turn your startup job interview into a contract!

  1. Be ambitious and show it: You should apply for jobs above of your on-paper qualifications, and when you get the interview you must demonstrate both your exceptional skills and your highest aspirations. If that startup’s hiring manager has a keen eye for talent, they shall recognize that hiring you is more convenient for them than hiring another professional that might have a fatter résumé.
  2. Talk sincerely about your shortcomings: This might sound counter-intuitive, but a way to gain the trust of your future employer is to speak frankly about your flaws as a professional and of the weak points you strive to improve in your practice, because that shows self-awareness and confidence, and it assures them you are a good fit for the company regardless of the limitations you have.
  3. Dazzle them with your superior skills: Regardless of your flaws the startup will want to hire you if you are a top professional in your field, and the job will be yours if you manage to make an impressive display of your talent during the interview.
  4. Do your homework: Prepare yourself for the interview by doing a thorough research on the startup’s profile, including their working staff and their market. Read everything you can find about the company and think of new ideas to talk about during the interview. If you bring to the table ways to creatively contribute to the future of the company, they will want to keep you there.
  5. Take on a project for free: The best way to prove your excellence is to ask them for a project and to work your magic on it. When you present them with a great result out of a difficult problem and in a really short time, you already have proven yourself to be a world-class professional who is also able to adapt quickly to the company’s work process.
  6. Be really obsessed with working for this startup: It is not enough to want a job, you must be up to the highest expectations of your employers. They are looking to hire somebody who is willing to work the best and the most in their field of expertise, and also to collaborate with the other staff members for them to deliver the same level of quality. Be sure to really want this, and show them your enthusiasm for working there and only there.
  7. Say the truth: Do not lie about your credentials, your skills or your background. All of this information is due to be verified, and to lie will definitely kill your chance of getting hired. Don’t overestimate your skills either: it will be plain to see how much you can do as soon as the first project is assigned to you.



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