Uber for Charity: Charity Apps for Donations & Fundraising

There are tons of Uber for X style apps these days, and many of them make sense as they fill a basic need.

Whether it’s a car service, food delivery, even doctors or lawyers on demand, developers and marketers are rushing to fill every potential Uber-style space. The most recent interesting entry is “Uber for charity.”

Without further ado, we present to you the apps that claim to be “Uber” for charity and donation-based giving:


Let’s start with the O.G. Uber can very easily wade into many different spaces using their technology and reach, and they recently offered a charity option. There are definitely naysayers who claim that Uber is only doing this in order to win back consumers who have left them over a variety of reasons. Regardless, it is a noble cause, and it’s rather simple: every rider has the option to make a $5 in-app donation during their ride. Although this doesn’t technically fit under the “uber-style for ___” model that if everyone is talking about for other industries.

Gone for Good Mobile Charity App

This is the real Uber-style for charity app, in the sense that a driver will actually come to your abode and pick up goods that you would like to donate to charity. The charity driver that picks up your goods then takes it to a local store and sells it – the money then goes to charity. This charity app literally makes it impossible for you to not give charity, as everyone has valuables lying around their apartments or houses which they simply don’t need or want. Additionally, the driving aspect isn’t even costly, as most charities already have vans laying around that they use for pickups anyhow.

DonorSee Fundraising Charity App

DonorSee is less uber and more fundraising. Americans give over $350 million a year to charity, and this app might actually increase that number. Here is how it works: DonorSee is a smartphone app that utilizes compelling visual media in order to connect Americans (and anyone else who uses it) with crucial and urgent charity-needs overseas, allowing users to skip the middleman organizations and give directly to the people who are in need, and to the cause of their choices.

The uber-aspect still applies somewhat, as the app uses P2P technology toward to charitable giving, and the company behind it takes 1.1% for overhead. Once you give charity, you can track where your money went, and how you are helping the person you helped. Talk about saying goodbye to the middleman!

Additional Charity Apps

Not every app utilizes an uber model, and here are a few additional charity apps:

Donate a Photo

Are you ready for the easiest charity app ever? This is literally a way to give free charity without even touching your wallet. Johnson & Johnson made an app that automatically donates $1 on your behalf for each photograph that you take and send to their app. You can “donate” 1 photo per day, which allows $365 to be given per year!

Charity Miles

This is similar to those friends of yours who get sponsored for running in marathons. For every mile that you log in your daily routine, (or weekend hike/bikerides), there will be 25 cents that is donated in your name, by various corporate sponsors. The app gives money to charities such as World Wildlife Fund and Habitat for Humanity.

Charity Tap

If you thought the above two charity apps were easy, wait til you get a load of Charity Tap. It is exactly how it sounds. It is a free app game in which it donates a single grain of rice for each time you tap the bowl on your smartphone screen. The app earns revenue from the ads that you see on the screen while you tap. It’s that easy! The money is then donated to the World Food Program.

And of course you can donate the traditional way to globally recognized organizations such as UNICEF which is the best charity to donate to around the globe. And if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get more done with your charity work, why not check out our page on uber for freelancers and outsourcing. 

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