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Uber for Trucking Apps

trucking for uberUber for trucking is officially here, and we’re going to explain how it works: Commercial shippers are matched up with truck drivers looking for a job, via a mobile app for trucking services, or even web platforms.

Additionally, depending on the service, trucking and freight routes can be booked on demand and same day, or even in advance. Pretty much a carbon copy of their original model: Uber for X trucking.

Uber for Trucking Mobile Apps:


Doft: The First Real Uber for Trucks

Doft is an on-demand truck sharing app that renders a new approach to freight shipping. Shippers can now book truckers via mobile app with one-click technology. Truck drivers in the USA are instantly notified of the loads available close to them. It’s like the Uber for the trucking industry.

Basically, shippers can book a truck in seconds, get real-time quotations, and also be able to track their shipment on a real-time basis through the free and easy-to-use app. Drivers can benefit a great deal as well. They can accept new job offers in minutes and get extra loads to increase their earnings with no hidden costs or commission.

Trucker Path: Technology Built for the Trucking Industry

Trucker Path claims to be the future of trucking. This San Jose-based company is trying hard to be the Uber for the trucking industry. So far, it’s been doing well. The on demand mobile app targets commercial truck drivers by including information about nearest truck stops, parking areas, mechanics, and hotels.

Its approach of providing information in a new way on a real-time basis has gone well with the truckers. Their trucking app saves not only time but also money. Since its inception, the company saw rapid growth, and the company decided to use its resources to build a marketplace to connect commercial truckers with freight.

Convoy: Full Service Trucking Technology

Convoy connects shippers with companies with trucks in the nearby area to transport their shipment. Trucking companies get a mobile app that makes the process of taking orders a breeze.

On the other hand, shippers are provided with an instant quote as soon as they enter the shipment details on the app. Moreover, it helps them book and track their shipment on a real-time basis without any hassle.

Some people call it the Uber for truckers since booking can be done on demand within seconds. There is no price bargaining or endless waiting. The truckers complete the job using the Convoy’s free app. The end-result is low cost, fast, and efficient experience for both the shipper and the trucking company.

J.B. Hunt: Connecting Shippers and Trucks

J.B. Hunt is a Fortune 500 Transportation Company that has been offering efficient freight moving services to customers in over 48 states of USA. Basically, it’s an innovative marketplace for both shippers and carriers. A shipper can instantly ship freight through their desktop or mobile app.

The on demand mobile app will provide real-time access as the shipment moves from the origin to its destination. One can also rate the carriers based on their overall performance. It operates similarly as Uber for cars. Carriers can access the J.B. Hunt marketplace and choose from thousands of loads and get paid the desired quote in a fast and efficient manner. So, J.B. Hunt offers a winning platform for shippers as well as carriers.

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