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Uber for Cargo, Freight, & Shipping

uber for freight cargo shippingIf we told you that instead of cabs filled with people you’d have shipping containers filled with cargo, Uber style, would you believe it?

We are now seeing an Uber for X cargo renaissance happening, with a number of apps and web platforms leading the shipping revolution to make it easier to ship cargo. Uber itself is actually leading the way:

Uber for Freight: Haul the Loads When You Want

Uber has now entered the cargo space as well. The Uber for cargo services has made a relatively soft launch with Uber Freight. The Uber Freight mobile app works on the same premise as the Uber for car services app. The Uber on demand freight app connects a shipper with a truck to move their goods. Since their recent launch, they have been moving loads in Texas and few other areas. Their price fluctuates based on demand and supply.

So, end users could end up paying higher or lower prices. Since everything hinges on the price point, they are still working on their dynamic pricing structure. By eliminating the middle-man; they are able to beat the conventional prices for the most part. The best part is that they provide real-time rates at the time of booking.

Cargomatic: Instantly Connecting Shippers with Local Carriers

Uber had pioneered the notion of getting a car at a press of a button, and Cargomatic does the same in the cargo industry. It’s the Uber for cargo. Cargomatic instantly connects truckers with people who want to move their freight. Simply press few buttons on your smartphone and move your load on demand like a breeze.

Since its launch in 2014, the company has already transported thousands of shipments. Hundreds of truckers are now using the Cargomatic mobile app. Shippers are now able to find reliable truckers at good rates by merely tapping a few buttons, whereas truckers are able to earn extra money for zero cost by putting their underutilized space for use.

So, Cargomatic has created a win-win recipe in the trucking industry, which had not seen any change for over a decade.

TransCord by Multinational Logistics Partnership: Uber for Cargo Carriers

Cargo transportation in Russia is also set for a major overhaul. All thanks to Multinational Logistics Partnership (MLP). It’s a dominant company in the Russian warehouse real estate industry. The company is now looking to expand in the “Uber for cargo carriers” industry through an on demand interactive technological platform.

All set to start operation shortly, their system, Dubbed ‘TransCord,’ will track nearby registered cargo and carriers and automatically connect app users to the vehicle for quick transportation at reasonable rates. Shippers will be able to track their cargo anytime through the app. Their system is built to fulfill as much as three thousand orders per day.

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