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Uber for Moving: 8 Best Apps for Moving Furniture

Is there an app to help you move furniture? You mean, like an Uber for Moving? Hell yea there is! In fact, there are many!

7 Best Apps for Moving Furniture in 2024:

Here are our favorite furniture moving apps:

1. Lugg: On Demand Moving & Furniture Delivery App

Lugg offers the best moving services with just a push of a button. It is an Uber for X app-based service that offers quick and convenient service for the people who want to transport furniture from one place to another.

The Lugg service offers fast delivery, which delivers in less than 30 minutes, small moves, which can help you save your time on weekend. It also delivers Craigslist Delivery, which allows you to buy and sell sitting comfortably in your home, and other moves, including storage moves, donations, and junk.  The Lugg service providers provide two strong professional workers with every lug, and these professionals are vetted for a five-star experience. They will make sure that the furniture is delivered safely and they will do heavy loading without any damage.

2. GoShare: Uber For Moving Furniture & Aparments with Trucks

GoShare proclaims to be the best Uber for trucks and Uber for moving app out there, as it offers a plethora of moving options at your fingertips. This Uber for moving app provided by GoShare provides professional movers who own vans and trucks to move furniture or whatever else you have lying around the house. This app-based service specializes in transporting large items on-demand.

GoShare says that they will send “two strong men” to move the furniture who are professionals (perhaps this also serves as an uber for dating app ?, and these movers can easily unload items without damaging.  GoShare has hundreds of van and truck owners available who are insured, licensed, and background checked.  Their main goal is to provide quick, safe and convenient delivery.  This Uber for moving and trucks app-based service provider seems to offer reliable and affordable services. Download the app and get the moving service you are looking for.

3. Dolly: On Demand Moving Help and Furniture Delivery App

Dolly offers furniture delivery and moving services. It is an app-based service that provides “Truck & Muscle” whenever you need their service. They can help with moving from home to home, or even rearranging furniture in your living room. Essentially, an Uber for furniture moving.

You can get a quote if you are looking more than just a moving truck. With Dolly’s services, you can get your furniture transported or delivered quickly, and they even provide last minute office moving services without any hassle.  All the workers at Dolly are independent contractors who are reliable, reviewed, and background checked and insured. Just download this Uber style for moving and furniture app and set the delivery or transport time so that your helper will be at your service.

4. BuddyTruk: Furniture Moving Help App

BuddyTruk offers on-demand moving services primarily for furniture. Buddytruk is an Uber for furniture style app-based service provider that can deliver or move furniture quickly and easily. They are much cheaper than traditional moving companies.

You can send a picture of the furniture that you want to get delivered, and they provide the truck and mover that can then move the furniture safely and without any damage. Buddytruk quickly calculates your costs based on mileage and time, and promises a smooth delivery.  They have a solid looking rating and vetting system as well as a $1 million liability insurance.

5. Dude I Need a Truck: On Demand Pickup Truck

Dude I Need a Truck offers exactly what you think it does: a dude with a truck who will pick up your stuff. It is a pickup truck app-based service that provides a “helpful dude with a pickup truck”.  You just need to download the app and book a dude with a truck to deliver or transport things from one place to another. Their “dudes” are all trusted and verified. No word on whether they offer dudettes, or, er chicks.

Dude I Need a Truck will give you a free quote instantly, and once you are satisfied with the price, you can press the button to book the dude with the truck to deliver or transport your things. The app looks super easy to use, which makes sense, right? Dude?

6. Agoyu – The best app for moving furniture

Offering a comprehensive platform, it empowers users to oversee their entire moving process with ease. Through Agoyu, you gain access to invaluable tools such as customer reviews, pricing comparisons, and direct communication with moving companies, all at no cost. Unsure about the weight of your furniture? Agoyu simplifies this with its user-friendly weight calculator, ensuring accurate estimations.

Moreover, Agoyu goes the extra mile by allowing users to capture a video of their furniture items for a more precise weight estimate. Once armed with this information, Agoyu swiftly generates price estimates and initiates the process of matching users with suitable moving companies. With minimal effort required, users can select the moving company that aligns best with their budget and preferences, finalize details regarding their current and new locations, and receive a confirmation number for reference. With Agoyu handling the logistics, users can relax knowing their move is in capable hands.

7. TaskRabbit is a great option for various moving services, including furniture relocation

With a straightforward interface in 2024! Simplifying the process of finding local movers at reasonable rates, TaskRabbit alleviates the stress often associated with moving.

Through the TaskRabbit furniture movers and packers app, users can seamlessly arrange for the removal and transportation of their furniture items to their new location at a time convenient for them. When seeking assistance with furniture relocation, users are prompted to provide details such as the address of their new destination and the scale of the task, categorized as small, medium, or large.

Additionally, users specify their vehicle requirements, typically opting for trucks when moving furniture in 2024! TaskRabbit then presents transparent pricing after users complete the necessary questions, ensuring a smooth transition for their move. With TaskRabbit handling the logistics, users can embark on their moving journey with confidence.

8. TipTapp: Moves & Disposals App for Moving Stuff!

It is time to appreciate the convenience of London’s premier movers app for all your home-related needs, hailed as the App Store Editors’ Choice 2021!! Whether you’re decluttering, making deliveries, or seeking assistance with furniture relocation, Tiptapp has you covered. With just a few taps, access a vibrant community ready to assist with rubbish collection, deliveries, and furniture movement at affordable rates with an amazing app.

Tiptapp streamlines the process of finding help for tasks like transporting waste to recycling centers, handling second-hand purchases, or relocating furniture between apartments. Simply publish your ad, set your price, and choose a helper from the Tiptapp community. With payment processed seamlessly at the completion of tasks, enjoy hassle-free transactions.

Rest assured, all recycling is meticulously verified, ensuring responsible disposal practices. Recognized for its excellence, Tiptapp has garnered accolades such as the prestigious App Store Editors’ Choice 2021 award from Apple. Additionally, it was honored as the best sharing app economy app in 2020 by IDG Sweden and ranked among the top 5 sharing economy apps in 2019. Join the Tiptapp community today and experience the ease of managing your home tasks swiftly and affordably.



Ghost Truck: Professional Moving Services w/ Flat Rate

Ghost Truck offers professional moving services at your fingertips. It is an app-based service provider that provides a flat, fixed price to move your furniture. It is quite affordable, all you need to do is download the app and book your move, and the rest of stuff  will be taken care by the  Ghostruck.

The Ghost Truck app connects you with professional movers: all of the workers are insured, background checked and professional, and they deliver the furniture safely.  Unlike other moving companies, Ghostruck provides fixed prices and does not speculate or estimate.

Get Burro: Your Personal Pack Mule

Get Burro offers delivery and moving services with just press of a button, and a quote in just 3 seconds! Once you enter the furniture that you want to move, and ask for a quote, within three seconds, it will provide an approximate price.  You just need to list the items that need to be delivered, make sure to provide the correct address, include city, zip, and state.

Get Burro service offers same day delivery, and they can deliver at anytime and anywhere.  They can deliver hardware, furniture, Craigslist purchases, etc. Get Burro also has a nice chart showing why they are cheaper than any rental service, (and it’s partly because they charge a hell of a lot less for their pickup trucks. Oh, and also no environment fee!).

Pikkup: On Demand Moving Truck Services

Pikkup offers an on-demand moving service anywhere and at any time in Los Angeles.  It is a moving truck app-based service that allows you to choose the pickup crew size that you need for your moving job. Send a picture of the furniture that you want to move and choose the options that say move it now or move it later, and just a tap of a button you can get a local, reliable service instantly.

With Pikkup, you will get peace of mind as it provides highly rated drivers and fully insured workers and car inspections, up to $1 million.  The insurance protects both users and drivers.  (At Pikkup, all the drivers must pass a general background check). Call it Uber for moving, if you’d like.

Haulor: Move Anything. Drivers On Demand.

Haulor offers on-demand drivers to move anything from one place to another with just a tap on the app. Haulor is a moving driver app-based service provider that offers instant moving services, sort of like Uber for movers. Download the app and select a vehicle for your moving requirements as every move is different.

At Haulor, you can choose an on-demand driver and schedule a haul. All the drivers at Haulors are screened, insured, and background checked to make sure they make the safe delivery.

If you’ve locked down your furniture moving and delivery options, but still stuck on the actual house you want to move to? Make sure you check out our article on uber for real estate apps!

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