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Uber for Private Jets: Mobile Apps for On-Demand Private Jets

private jet appThere have been many reasons as to why ‘Uber for private jets’ hasn’t really, um, taken off. BlackJet was a big example of a huge on-demand private jet business which failed.

However, there still seems to be a number of operative Uber for X startups which offer various forms of on demand private jet bookings and services. Here are a few of them:

Best On-Demand Private Jet Mobile Apps:

Fly Victor: On-Demand Jet Hire

Fly Victor is essentially Uber for private jets, and lets you compare, book and manage private jet charters with ease. The service discloses aircraft and operator details which allow customers complete transparency, as well as financial protection, with no upfront commitment. Fly Victor has access to at least 7000 different aircraft worldwide, which range from planes with only four seats, to those that have up to 45 seats. There is a fixed booking fee for all charter booking requests, which are valid for 24 hours. This price includes catering, landing fees, and any taxes if they are required.

JetSmarter: Idle Jets & Unused Seats

JetSmarter is a service that connects you to available seats and jets all around the world, just like an Uber for private jets. The app lets you search for flights at any time, as well as letting you make reservations or to fulfill a payment. You can also connect with other app members via the inbuilt messaging facility. You have the option to choose between booking a private charter, booking a shared charter which will allow other members to buy your empty seats to reduce your costs, or to book a jet shuttle which is a way to book seats on someone else’s chartered flight.

SurfAir: All You Can Fly Membership

SurfAir is a private jet monthly membership service for those that live in the state of California. However, they are expanding to the European market sometime in 2017. What makes this service unique is that it’s a monthly fee which grants you unlimited flights. There is literally nothing stopping you taking a flight every day for the whole month, and you will not have to spend hours waiting in line at commercial airports. They state that you will save approximately two hours per journey, by flying with them. The unlimited flight package costs $1,950 per month, or you can choose a 10 trip package for $500 per flight.

JetSuite: Private Jet Rental App

JetSuite is an instant private jet booking service for those who wish to travel between the states of California, Nevada, and Montana. You can book a single seat on an aircraft from $99, or you can book a whole chartered flight for an airplane that has either four, six or thirty seats. Due to not having to wait in a queue at a commercial airport, booking a flight through JetSuite will save you at least an hour, over commercial airlines. If you refer someone using your unique referral code, not only will they save $20, but that $20 will go towards money off your next flight.


PrivateJetFinder is a brokerage for private jet charters. The service will allow you to receive immediate private jet quotes, for destinations in 170 different countries. With 5000 airports to choose from, their services are perfect for any CEOs or professionals who enjoy flying on a private jet. They allow the option to choose between either a light, medium, or large jet, which will change depending on your destination needs. No membership is required, and you will be able to have someone guide you through the whole process with either a single click or a quick phone call. It should be noted that this company does not currently have a working mobile app for private jets.

SkyJet: Private Jet Charter Booking Mobile App

SkyJet is a service for instant private jet bookings, for those that are within the USA. Although it’s possible to book jets to other destinations, only locations in the USA are eligible for instant bookings. When using their app, you will be able to book a flight in under 30 seconds, as well as be able to pay using either Apple pay, credit card, or wire transfer, securely. This booking feature requires no long-term commitment, and each flight is on a pay as you fly basis. Essentially, an Uber for private jets.

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