uber for real estate mobile app

Uber for Real Estate Apps

uber for real estate mobile appNow that so many industries have been disrupted by Uber for X  apps, it is no surprise that real estate is the next market ripe for disruption. This is inevitable, despite the fact that the real estate market is indeed old fashioned, traditional, and harsh to outsiders.

But with the emergence of Zillow and other online real estate entities, it is certainly a ripe time for real estate mobile apps to emerge as another option for home-buyers and sellers.

As for real estate agents, well, it’s not clear if this will help or hurt them. For those agents who are not embracing technology, they might feel left out in the cold. Time will tell. Check out this awesome Jerusalem real estate company.

Best Real Estate Apps for Agents & Markets

Though a few real estate mobile apps have failed in recent years, we’ve cobbled together a few which look the most promising, including a bonus neighbors app at the bottom of our list, for those curious to go beyond the fence of their homes.

Curbcall: Mobile Technology for Real Estate Agents

Curbcall is a breakthrough app for the people of the real estate industry, especially the agents. This app has Curbcall Connect which helps real estate online providers and brokerages to wisely distribute leads to real estate agents in real time. It also has Curbcall Protect which is a separate app that provides an automated way of notifying your emergency contacts about the location you are currently displaying. There is also a “Panic” button to inform your contact in case you will needing any help.

Real: Real-Time Access for Homeowners

The app Real is a mobile app which helps people look for the right property for them. It helps homebuyers to browse through different properties that are for sale. List of properties can be filtered by different aspects like location, price, number of rooms, or amenities. Once a potential property buyer has picked a place, there’s a chat feature that can be used to connect to a real estate agent with a click of a button. Real is one of the 10 most innovative companies in 2016. according to Forbes.

Purple Bricks: No Commission Real Estate Online App

PurpleBricks can assist you in getting your property sold. First, book a schedule for a free valuation with one of the local property experts. Second, the local expert will then provide professional valuation and advice. They will make sure to achieve the highest price possible for you. Third, instruct PurpleBricks to sell your property. Right now they are operating in London and nearby areas, and purport to save consumers thousands in charges.

SQFT: The First Fully Functional Real Estate App

Sell your property from your mobile device through the SQFT. This app provides professional support from licensed real estate agents within your area. This app will get you to be in control of the selling of your property. Through this app, you will get the assistance you need from listing your property to advertising it to different sites, to closing the deal. You’ll be surprised that you will be selling your home and closing the deal like a pro.

Haus: Connect With Your Neighbors App

Though this doesn’t fit the model of Uber for real estate apps, Haus is peripherally related. Haus is a mobile app that connects you with your neighborhood in cases of emergency. Through this app, you can let a neighbor know about any unusual activity within your area and report it. You can also use the app to borrow a tool or to find your missing pet or to maybe just get to know your neighbors. This mobile app has a panic button for emergencies which can alarm your entire neighborhood in just a few seconds.

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