Free Startup Resources for 2023

This will be a dynamically updated page for various free startup resources that you can access:

8 Websites that offer amazing startup resources in 2022:

  1. Global Accelerator Network: An Accelerator is like a mentor or a business advisor that offers personalized help to Startups for finding the best human and financial capital for their venture, and there are more than 80 of them spread over 120 cities in six continents. Two co-founders of TechStars created and began to offer these programs in 2010, and so far this online community has served 4700 startups with their GAN program. The Global Accelerator Network has the people and the know-how for developing your startup into a fully established company.
  2. Startup Grind: For getting into events, having press coverage and media presence, and for entering into partnerships with A-players like Google for Entrepreneurs you should come to Startup Grind. This is the biggest online community for Startups, and it connects you with more than 1,000,000 other entrepreneurs from 250 cities around 115 countries. Not only does it cover the global stage, but it also connects your startup with local events and helps you to forge invaluable connections with your business peers. Startup Grind also started in 2010, and it has grown to offer many ways to assist startups to find investment and funding, education and training, talented professionals and innovators.
  3. Coursera: For the best online courses taught by universities from around the globe you should go straight to Coursera. Perfect for improving the skill set of your staff members in an affordable way, with courses ranging from $25 to $99 and even online degrees and certifications for most of them. You can count on the huge array of specialties covered by the site, including programming languages, artificial intelligence, data science and many other up-to-date and cutting edge online learning programs.
  4. Strategyzer: An excellent set of tools for all your strategic management processes, Strategyzer gives you its Business Model Canvas, which helps you to visualize and redesign your business model in a powerful interactive way. The other excellent resource is the Value Proposition Canvas, which helps you to create compelling products and services, all of which helps to guide the path of your startup company.
  5. Udemy: An alternative to Coursera, Udemy gives you more than 55,000 courses to choose from, which comprise technical, business and personal skills to improve the training and performance of your staff members. More than 14 million students have taken the opportunity to acquire knowledge on a small budget, and many of them have received certifications and diplomas available on the site.
  6. Userinput: How can you know if your startup is actually making a positive impact on your target market? One way to test this is with, which is a way for you to get feedback from actual users of your product, and also to receive valuable input from specialized reviewers. At an affordable price you will get the chance to make invaluable improvements to your management process and to increase your probabilities to win at the marketplace.
  7. EdX: All the prestige of colleges like Harvard, MIT and UC Berkeley combined with the attractive price of zero dollars for all of its courses, EdX is the low-budget alternative to the other educational sites on this list. EdX also provides optional certifications, as well as a global community that connects your startup with colleges, professors and leading entrepreneurs from every continent.
  8. Growthority: Helping your startup to increase audience, traffic and revenue, especially during the initial stages of growth, Growthority combines research, marketing and analysis to do what they call Growth Hacking, an unconventional outsourcing approach to quickly improve your company’s market positioning and to dramatically enlarge its adoption rate.