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Welcome to the authority page for startup t-shirts.

Are you a startup entrepreneur? Don’t tell me you’re Abercrombie & Fitch. And hopefully not a GAP shirt. If you bleed, sweat, and cry for your startup, then you’ve gotta wear one of these awesome startup tees, which can be bought on Amazon:

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Scroll down below to see some famous examples of big startup company t-shirts:

Why Buy a Startup T-Shirt?

glass ceiling
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Every brand needs good marketing. And what better way to promote your brand than with an awesome startup t-shirt? Startup hustlers are a unique bunch: they wear their heart on their sleeves, literally, and aim to convey that motivational message of perseverance and effort to the rest of the world.

They are a proud bunch, and startup founders, hustlers, employees, and interns are all proud of the blood, sweat, and tears they shed for their startups. Okay, maybe most of them are not bleeding or crying much, but the sentiment is certainly the same.

If you’re interested in creating your own startup t shirt, then definitely head over to Zazzle or Tee Spring, where you can create your own custom startup t shirt with your own startup company logo, motivational startup message, and hopefully the right size.

Coming soon: the best startup company t shirts and logos that we love!

The Best Company Startup T Shirts:

Some of the biggest companies in the world started out as tiny startups, and all they had to show for themselves were some really awesome startup t shirt designs. Without further ado, we present our favorite startup t shirts of all time:

DropBox Startup T Shirt:

Okay, maybe DropBox isn’t a startup anymore, considering that it is worth more than $10 billion. But it started as a startup, and still has the startup vibe. Maybe that’s because of their startup T shirt logo.

What’s interesting about Dropbox is that they have an entire page on their website devoted to their logo and branding. They give color codes (for example their particular shade of blue is #007ee5), as well as instructions on how to use their logo properly, how to feature their branding in terms of spacing and usage on other properties, and a few other tidbits and instructions. They even off icons as well as instructions on how to spell their brand name! And all we wanted was to look at a cool startup shirt with a sleek logo.

Github’s Personalized T-Shirts

Github was founded in 2008 and quickly became the world’s leading software development platform. A little know fact is that in 2008 they also launched their first startup t shirts, and the fashionable announcement can be seen here.

What is cool about Github’s short sleeved T-shirts is that they are all personalizable in the same way that Github URL’s are as well. Meaning that just as on their platform you can have, you can get that same slogan on your spiffy new T shirt from them as well. The URL slug design will be shown on the back of the Github T shirt.

Cloudera: Innovative Hi-Tech T-Shirts

Cloudera first announced their brand new startup T-shirts when they were in fact, still a startup company. Here is the original announcement on Twitter.

To say that Cloudera had foresight over the role of data in 2017 (rather than a clever marketing gimmick) would be an understatement. Cloudera is one of the leading big data companies out there, specializing in big data, machine learning, and analytics. Their website asks you to ponder the following: Imagine what your business could do if all your data were collected in one centralized, secure, fully-governed place that any department could access anytime. And, we suppose, they are also asking you to imagine that data is the new bacon, in the form of a cool, hipster startup T-shirt.

Evernote’s Elephant T-Shirt

Nothing tells people that you can be cute, funny and have your life organized more than wearing evernote’s shirt. Evernote software is an data organizer that lets you store your notes and other information and makes it accessible from every device you register.

This is represented in their shirt design with their mascot happily carrying loads of data media for your convenience. And it’s an elephant with a USB drive bandolier, need I say more?

MailChimp Startup Tee

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If you have been using e-mail for the past few years then chances are you’ve seen something sent using mailchimp. The company offers a very simple to use service backed by a very easy to use interface.

This greatness and simplicity is also shown in their shirt design. The company mascot on a plain shirt with just a different shade color gives the monochromatic sketch art design that everyone loves.

Four Square T-Shirt

Before a certain social medial site we all love and use included check-ins in their ever expanding plethora of features, there was Foursquare. The site and app is still up right now though it’s not a popular as it used to be. Their branding and logos have also been through several redesigns and revamps and what makes this awesome startup T-shirt work is it uses the original logo which sort gives the nostalgic feel.

Glompers T-Shirt Logo

Glomper is designed to help you easily find out what your friends and people nearby are up to tonight, get involved in their activities and share your own. The startup T-shirt’s fabric uses the companies color and gives that “I’m game for whatever you’re game for tonight” kind of vibe. It also features the company’s mascot looking like he’s ready to give you a hug. That plus the that the shirts actually asks people for a hug might actually get you one.

Twilio’s Startup Hi-Tech T-Shirt

Twilio is a company that allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs. There are two reasons why their startup T-Shirt design works. First is that it uses the visually striking red that the company usually utilizes. Second is that it uses a retro twirl phone with the Twilio text as the chord which is a great play on what the company is. And hey retro is so in now.

Denver Startup Week T-Shirt

What tells people that you are in to startups more than a shirt about a startup company? Well there is one thing, a shirt of an event for startup companies. This shirt shows a minimalistic pseudo Denver skyline represented by buildings outlined by the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. A perfect representation of the place’s tech sector, and in that regard, of the event itself. That only thing you could possible ask for is to go to the event itself. Or, just wear the best startup T-Shirt available.

WP Engine’s Fireproof Ball T-Shirt

Sometimes you just want to be a bit rock and roll by rocking a black shirt with white text on it. WP Engine is a leading web host in the managed WordPress host category and this “fireball proof” shirt is a testament to their server integrity. What makes this the best startup T-Shirt is it will take another web geek to get the reference and when people don’t get it, you’re just wearing a rock shirt that tells people you’re fireball proof. Win-win situation!

Come back in a few weeks for an updated list of awesome startup t-shirts!

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