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Uber for Recycling: Apps for Waste Management

uber for recyclingUber for recycling is a funny term, and that’s mostly because it is made up. However, not all government programs are handled by the government.

There are currently two really awesome recycling and waste management programs that are handled via apps or web platforms which are re-shaping the privatization of traditionally governmental programs. Here are the two Uber for X waste management apps out there now:

Rubicon Global: Affordable Waste Collection Mobile App

Founded in 2008, Rubicon Global is an Atlanta-based waste and re-cycling company that eyes a future without waste. Having their headquarters in Lexington and Atlanta, their software manages a network of independent waste haulers who place bids for picking trash from customers.

The company claims that they offer this service at lower price points, and their software is more efficient than the competition. Their mobile app offers on demand trash pick-up similar to Uber for ride service. Since its inception, the company has dominated this arena. They operate on thousands of locations, and they work with some of the biggest companies in the United States.

Yes, bringing tech for trash pickup has proven to be a mighty business for Rubicon. By working with customers to find low cost, innovate, and efficient ways to use and recycle waste, the company sees plenty of opportunities ahead. Rubicon offers a less expensive and more reasonable solution to dumpster hauling.

At present, customers can get waste bill cost analysis tailored to their business needs in a flash. Companies are able to reduce operational costs and implement recycling programs. Rubicon has proved that great tech ideas don’t always have to come from the Silicon Valley. Their sustainable business model to better businesses and the planet has been the next wave of innovation.

RecyclApp: Recycle Without Leaving Your Home

ReciclApp is an on demand mobile app that links people who have reusable materials with recyclers in Chile willing to remove and trade the materials. It’s like the Uber for recycling waste.

Using the Uber-style business model to haul trash, users can book recyclers from the comforts of their home or office in the middle of an ordinary day by tapping few keys on their smartphone.

Basically, the mobile app connects waste creators with waste collectors, and then ensures that the operations run smoothly. Not only does this business model benefit all the parties involved over here, but it also solves some of the environmental problems that we are facing today.

If you’re looking for an efficient and on-demand way to transport bulk, be it waste or something else, check out our article on uber for cargo, freight and shipping.

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