Startup Grants for Black Founders

If you’re a Black entrepreneur on the lookout for startup grants – look no further – grants like the NAACP Powershift and Power Forward programs can provide $25,000 to boost your business.

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Don’t forget about Leslie’s Certification Boost Grant and the Keep It Local Business Fund – they’re excellent opportunities to explore. These grants are more than just money; they’re a vital support system for Black-owned small businesses and specific sectors in the startup world.

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To qualify, make sure you have a registered, scalable business with a clear focus, possibly targeting empowerment for Black women and nonbinary individuals. Taking advantage of these options can significantly help your business thrive, with broader benefits just waiting to unfold.


  • The NAACP Powershift and Power Forward grants offer $25,000 each to support Black entrepreneurs, while the Google For Startups Black Founders Fund provides financial assistance to Black-owned startups.
  • Additionally, the Black Ambition Prize offers substantial funding to Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs, and Leslie’s Certification Boost Grant along with the Keep It Local Business Fund provide resources and funding specifically for Black business owners.
  • Founders First Capital Partners specializes in revenue-based investments tailored to support Black-owned businesses.

Key Grants for Black Entrepreneurs

Numerous grants are up for grabs to support Black entrepreneurs aiming to kickstart or expand their businesses. The NAACP Powershift and Power Forward grants dish out $25,000 each to uplift Black-owned small businesses. Or a guaranteed startup business loan can help as well.

Moreover, Leslie’s Certification Boost Grant and the Keep It Local Business Fund offer vital funding and resources to fuel growth in minority business sectors. These grants serve as a lifeline for your entrepreneurial journey.

Eligibility and Application Tips

Now that you know about the main grants available, let’s talk about how you can qualify and apply for them effectively. Make sure to highlight your potential for growth and how well your goals align with investor financing.

Requirement Description Tip
Self-Identification Identify as Black Make this clear in your application
Business Status Registered business Confirm your registration status
Scalability Idea must be scalable Emphasize your growth possibilities
Financing Goals Seeking investor funding Clearly state your financial needs
Target Demographic Focus on Black women, nonbinary Highlight your unique perspective

Following these steps can help you break through funding barriers and improve your chances of success.

Highlighted Success Stories

As we look into startup grants for Black founders, it’s truly inspiring to see how significant funding has empowered entrepreneurs to bring their innovative ideas to life and scale their businesses.

The Black Ambition Prize, Harlem Capital, and Google For Startups Black Founders Fund have collectively supported over 160 Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs, providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

In addition, Backstage Capital and Fearless Fund are making a difference by focusing on underrepresented founders, especially women of color, and bridging critical funding gaps in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Additional Financial Resources

  • In addition to the success stories mentioned earlier, there are more financial resources available to help Black-owned businesses grow and thrive.
  • Check out for federal grant opportunities and consider revenue-based investments from Founders First Capital Partners. IFundWomen of Color provides debt-free capital, especially beneficial for women-owned businesses and minority entrepreneurs.
  • Keep an eye out for specialized funds like Accolade Partners, which focus on technology investments for underrepresented groups.

Networking and Support Opportunities

There are plenty of networking and support opportunities out there to help your Black-owned business thrive.

You can check out the National Black MBA Association’s Scale-Up Pitch Challenge or explore Black Girl Ventures, a platform specifically for Black and Brown women entrepreneurs.

You could also take part in the National Black Business Pitch or go for the Black Ambition Prize by Pharrell Williams, which is aimed at creative Black and Hispanic business owners.

Very Common Questions & Some Answers

What Is the Black Founder Startup Grant $10000?

You qualify for a $10,000 grant designed to help businesses grow. This grant provides valuable mentorship, networking opportunities, and assistance with financial management. Explore the application process and read about successful stories to grasp the full impact of this opportunity.

What Is the Black Founders Fund?

The Black Founders Fund gives out grants to address equity gaps and funding disparities in entrepreneurship. You’ll receive mentorship, expand your network, and gain resources to navigate challenges in the business world. Check out the eligibility criteria and application details for a successful application.

What Is the Google Grant for African Startups?

The Google Grant for African Startups provides generous funding, mentorship, and resources to help you grow in tech industries, effectively manage finances, and explore market opportunities through successful partnerships. Check your eligibility and submit your application today for a chance to scale your startup!

Final Thought on Black Founder Startup Grants in 2024

You have the tools to fuel your entrepreneurial journey with targeted grants designed for Black founders. Remember, each grant has specific requirements, so tailor your applications carefully.

Find motivation in the stories of successful black entrepreneurs who’ve turned their ideas into reality. In addition to grants, explore other financial resources and dynamic networks to support your growth.

Seize these opportunities to build, thrive, and contribute to a community rooting for your success. Your startup vision is important—let’s bring it to life!

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