Uber for Weed: Mobile Apps for On-Demand Marijuana Delivery

weed delivery truckThe industry seems to still be settling on a proper name. Whether it’s Uber for weed or simply an on-demand at-home marijuana and cannabis delivery service, the point is the same: you can pretty much order weed via a mobile app, from the comfort of your home, or La-Z-Boy more likely.

Obviously the legality of these apps depends on the state in which you live (weed is currently legal in: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and District of Columbia). See the full list here. For those who don’t want to grow their own, will probably prefer an marijuana Uber style app.

Best Uber for Weed Delivery Mobile Apps:

Eaze: Medical Marijuana Delivery

If you need medical marijuana delivered to your place, you can use the app Eaze. This is one of the most popular uber-for-weed services. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your mobile phone, you can go ahead and order online any of the high-quality products and then track your order’s progress. The order goes to a local dispensary and a driver who will be the one to deliver the marijuana. You will be sent a message that your driver is about to arrive. Eaze is most know for it’s investment and backing by Snoop Dogg – a known weed authority, though it’s unlikely that he will be an Uber for weed driver.

Flow Kana: Sustainable Cannabis

Flow Kana is the first sustainable, sun-grown marijuana brand that believes in the ecosystem of small farmers and California values. All of the medical marijuana are of artisan quality and are organically grown with love under sustainable practices and the warmth of the California sun. The products are grown by Flow Kana’s pride, which are the farmers who are situated in Emerald Triangle. You can buy different high-quality strains of marijuana online from the website if you are within the delivery range.

Getnugg: Medical Marijuana Delivery from Your Favorite Dispensaries

Getnugg is a website you can use to get your medical marijuana delivered right at your doorstep. Getting your medical marijuana has never been this easy. First, key in your address and browse through the menus of the dispensaries near your location. Second, select the marijuana you want and enter your order. Third, wait for the delivery at your door and enjoy the marijuana strain you ordered. Getnugg also provides reviews and special deals. A 24/7 customer care team is also on standby.

Canary: “The Easiest Way to Buy Marijuana”

The Canary app can deliver your highs right at your door. You will never have to leave your house to get yourself to a dispensary to get the marijuana you need. Once you have it installed, sign up and send the proof that you can legally enjoy marijuana in your location. An ID or medicinal marijuana card is required. Once verified, you can browse through the available strains to order what you need. Payment can be either through the app or as soon as the product arrives.

Get Meadow: Buy Medical Marijuana for Delivery Today

Getmeadow is a website where one can purchase medical marijuana to be delivered on the same day. Medical marijuana users can order from the local dispensaries through the website and receive the product in less than an hour. You can browse through the different available marijuana strains and meds with each has descriptions that can help you pick which one to choose. Getmeadow also has a chat support to assist and help you out with your selection and ordering process.

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