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Uber for Weed: Mobile Apps for On-Demand Marijuana Delivery

Need a weed truck at your door? A cannabis app to deliver you some marijuana to your home in a jiffy? The industry seems to still be settling on a proper name. Whether it’s Uber for X for weed or simply an on-demand at-home marijuana app and cannabis delivery service, the point is the same: you can pretty much order weed via a mobile app, from the comfort of your home, or La-Z-Boy more likely.

Obviously the legality of these apps depends on the state in which you live (weed is currently legal in: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and District of Columbia and a few more states). See the full list here. For those who don’t want to grow their own, will probably prefer an marijuana Uber style app.

12 Best Uber for Weed Cannabis Delivery Apps in 2024:

  1. Emjay Emjay’s all about bringing the best cannabis shopping experience right to your fingertips. Based in sunny California, they’ve got a massive selection of top weed brands at sweet prices. Plus, whether you’re chilling in LA, San Fran, or San Diego, their lightning-fast delivery’s got you covered, on-demand or scheduled.
  2. Amuse For those who want their weed delivered with style and quality, Amuse’s the go-to. Serving up premium products safely and conveniently, they’ve got an hour-long delivery window across California. With lab-tested goodies and a sleek app, they’ve mastered the art of getting you the good stuff hassle-free.
  3. Bud Need cannabis pronto? Bud.com‘s your bud in the online world. Partnering with local dispensaries, they’ve made it a breeze to get your hands on top brands for delivery or pickup. With a wide variety of products and lab-tested quality, they’ll have you covered from couch to doorstep.
  4. Sava Sava’s like the curator of cannabis dreams, hand-picking topicals, edibles, and more from small-batch producers. Their dedication to quality means you’re getting the good stuff, pure and simple. With delivery across California, they’re bringing the boutique experience right to your door. Check out their promo video here.
  5. Vana Vana’s all about connecting you with the best cannabis and CBD products out there. With a massive selection and an easy-to-use platform, they’ve got everything from flowers to oils. Whether you’re in California or beyond, Vana’s got your back for all your cannabis needs.
  6. Leafly Leafly’s your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis. From discovering new products to ordering from licensed retailers, they’ve got it all. With millions of reviews, articles, and strains in their database, they’re the ultimate resource for cannabis enthusiasts nationwide.
  7. WeedMaps Navigating the world of cannabis is a breeze with WeedMaps. Their platform helps you find local retailers, browse products, and even place orders online. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the scene, WeedMaps has the info you need to make informed choices.
  8. Eaze Need cannabis delivered yesterday? Eaze’s got your back. With their on-demand delivery service, getting your hands on edibles, flowers, and extracts is as easy as ordering an Uber. Serving up safe, legal access across California and Michigan, they’re the ultimate convenience in the cannabis world.
  9. Seed to Spoon Seed to Spoon’s all about making your cannabis journey easy-peasy. They’ve nailed the hassle-free purchasing process, with quick and discreet delivery to boot. Plus, they’ve got all the deets on their products, so whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned pro, you’ll be making informed choices in no time.
  10. BudLabs BudLabs is like your go-to buddy for all things cannabis. From strain info to consumption tips and effects, they’ve got you covered. With their user-friendly website, you’ll dive into a world of cannabis products and reviews, all tailored to your tastes. It’s like having a personal cannabis guru right at your fingertips.
  11. Grow with Jane If you’ve got a green thumb and a love for cannabis, Grow with Jane’s your new best friend. This app’s got personalized care plans based on your plant and local weather, so your babies thrive. Plus, its slick UI makes tracking progress a breeze, with handy reminders for watering and feeding to keep your plants happy and healthy.
  12. Kush Scan Calling all cannabis enthusiasts! Kush Scan‘s here to level up your weed game. With just a snap of your phone, you can ID different strains like a pro. Their cutting-edge image recognition tech gives you all the info you need, whether you’re in the dispensary or checking out your stash at home.


What are the Risks of Cannabis Delivery Apps?

Cannabis delivery apps offer convenience and accessibility for consumers, but they also come with certain pros and cons.

  1. Legal Restrictions: Cannabis delivery apps operate within specific legal frameworks, and regulations can vary by jurisdiction. Some areas may have restrictions or limitations on marijuana delivery, which can impact the availability and service options offered by delivery apps. Don’t commit a crime across state lines!!!
  2. Limited Geographical Coverage: Cannabis delivery apps may have limited geographical coverage, especially in areas where marijuana is not yet legalized or where delivery services are tightly regulated. This can restrict access to delivery services for certain individuals.
  3. Age Verification Challenges: Ensuring proper age verification for cannabis delivery can be challenging, as apps need to comply with strict regulations to prevent underage access. This can lead to additional verification steps and potential delays in the delivery process.
  4. Higher Costs: Delivery services often come with additional fees or minimum order requirements, which can increase the overall cost of purchasing cannabis products. Users may need to factor in delivery charges when comparing prices with physical dispensaries.
  5. Lack of Personal Interaction: Unlike physical dispensaries, cannabis delivery apps may lack the personalized interaction and guidance that budtenders can provide. Some individuals may miss the opportunity to receive face-to-face recommendations or ask questions about products.

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