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Uber for Alcohol: On Demand Booze Delivery Apps

uber for alcoholUber for X alcohol is actually a thing now. Though, some might refer to it as simply: alcohol and booze on demand via mobile app.

The point is, we are nearly 100 years after the Prohibition, and people are now able to order alcohol delivery to their doors, without having to schlep to their local supermarkets.

Best On Demand Alcohol Delivery Apps

Without further ado, we present to you, our thirsty reader, the best apps for alcohol delivery. Ages and restrictions definitely apply!

Klink: Alcohol Delivered in Under an Hour

Sure you can head down to your local supermarket or liquor store in your sweatpants and buy a load of alcohol. Or you can just an on demand alcohol purchasing mobile app. Sort of like Uber for alcohol and booze. And that is why we like to say that Klink does the unthinkable. Right off the bat, Klink delivers alcohol at your doorsteps within 90 minutes for a nominal delivery fee.

Klink has partnered with local liquor stores to make this feat possible. Think of Klink as your mailman, with the exception that it delivers hard drinks. Basically, you order booze from the palm of your hands with an on demand alcohol mobile ap.

Of course, there is no running around the time-honored tradition of age verification. An ID proof is required while placing an order through the website or via their alcohol mobile app. If reading all this text has made you thirsty, you can order your drink from delivery.com or app since Klink is now a part of the delivery.com family.

Tipple: Alcohol Delivery in Under 60 Minutes

We all know Aussies love their booze, and Tipple makes that happen. Drink different is the company’s slogan. And they certainly stand by their slogan as they deliver your favorite cold beer, spirit, or wine within an hour at your specified delivery address. Uber for alcohol, in a nutshell. With more than 500 choices, it’s almost like having an alcohol shop in your pocket.

Currently operating in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, your location could be next as the company is on expansion mode. The on-demand alcohol delivery service is available 7 days a week from midday until 11pm. So, next time your liquor cabinet runs dry, you can simply explore this digital option at the comforts of your home and quench your thirst within no time.

UberEATS: Delivering Beer and Wine On Demand with Your Food Order

Australia strikes again! Thirsty Melbourne citizens are in luck, as UberEATS jumps on the booze bandwagon by adding booze to its on demand delivery menu. Make no mistake, alcohol cannot be purchased in isolation, but it can be ordered along with a food order. So, that’s the only twist in the tale. Actually not! Alcohol delivery is restricted to a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine.

Basically, they allow you to enjoy the restaurant experience at home without throwing an arm and a leg. No bouncers will be there to intimidate an underage teen, but the items will return to the source if proper ID proof is not shown at the time of delivery.

Drizly: Online Liquor Store – Delivery & Free Pickup

Your on demand online liquor store is just a few mouse clicks away. All thanks to the Boston-based company named Drizly, which has transformed the way we purchase alcohol. They allow retailers to sell through their platform for a monthly licensing fee. Customers are able to compare prices from different retailers and also choose different delivery options – sort of like a retail version of Uber for wine, liquor and booze. Come to think of it, ‘Uber for beer’ is a catchy marketing term.

From later delivery to self-pick-up several options are added at different price points. Spread across USA and Canada, they have been serving customers of legal drinking age since 2012. Aiming to be the ‘Amazon’ of booze, or even the ‘Uber’ of booze, the company has garnered a lot of eyeballs ever since its inception.

Minibar Delivery: Wine, beer & liquor delivered

Whether you decide to throw a last minute party or you plan to restock your liquor cabinet in the middle of an ordinary day, Minibar won’t disappoint you. They deliver booze at your doorsteps in under an hour for free. With a few taps on your smartphone, you should be ready to raise your spirits in a snap. Customers are connected with the local liquor shops to access a wide range of products at their fingertips. All one needs to do is browse through their offerings to get their last minute alcohol needs fulfilled even when it’s raining outside. One can easily place an order through the site or via the company’s on demand alcohol mobile app.

Thirstie: Exceptional Spirits Delivered to Your Door

Aiming to be a one-stop-destination to purchase on demand wine, beer, and spirits, Thirstie provide users plenty of reasons to stay at home when shopping for their favorite drink. They offer a great user-friendly experience. They have a seemingly painless procedure to order alcohol on demand when you don’t feel like going out. The best part is that you will pay the same for your alcohol as you would ideally pay at a liquor store.

All one needs to do is enter their location, choose their bottle, and wait for the doorbell to ring in less than an hour. Alcohol delivery at its finest! Some might call it an Uber for liquor. They rely on their tied-up partners, who are generally the licensed alcohol delivery companies to bring alcohol to your doorsteps. They operate on many states across the United States and are stretching their wings in Canada.

Saucey: Alcohol Delivery in Under 30 Minutes

With 10,000+ products and 30 minutes delivery deadline, Saucey aims at eliminating your beer runs through on-demand alcohol delivery at the push of a button. When ordered through the mobile app, it texts you the approximate delivery timeframe and updates you when the delivery person is few minutes away. Just like its competition, it does not hold or deliver alcohol. All orders are fulfilled through the local tied-up liquor stores, who handle everything from verification to delivery. This is ideal for consumers who are more than happy to embrace the convenience of ordering on-demand hard drinks. They have been delivering good times in a bottle since 2013. At the moment, this Uber for liquor style mobile app operates in Chicago, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles, with plans to expand nation-wide.

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