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Uber Cars for Kids’ Apps

uber car for kidsGetting your kids around town is no small feat, and requires the utmost trust, care, and safety. Every family needs a trusted driver, and this list below of Uber for X kids apps will help your kids get from A to B with peace of mind.

Every mom will want to ensure 110% safety for their kids, and there are definitely a number of Uber for kids ridesharing services for parents to use for their kids, which we have reviewed below:

Rideshare Services for Children: ‘Uber for Kids’ Style

Of course, there are many concerned parents out there who like the idea of Uber but just not for their kids. Similar to Uber for babysitting, Uber for kids is an industry within an industry in which there are Uber-style services out there which will provide various forms of taxi service for your kids.

One Lane: Pickup & Care Service for Children App

One Lane offers family solutions by providing excellent services which includes car pickup and care service for children – more specifically – for unaccompanied children.

If you are a working parent and need help to take care of your kids’ school and activities, then check out One Lane, as this service provider offers guardians to look after your children’s needs. The service includes child care, activities & school, and also arrange services like car pooling. This car pickup app-based service provider will pick up your kids, and manage their after school activities and social activities. With 1000 registered families in London, 40+ guardians signed up, and 3 modes of transport, One Lane looks like a safe bet to be the best Uber for kids app. Currently only serving London.

Kango App: Uber Style Rides and Care for Kids Going Places

Kango App offers rides, carpools, and child care from preschool to high school. The service helps parents to take care of their kids’ school activities, even when they are on their business trips! With the Kango App, you can book a service to take your kids to school & to their after school activities, and back home after, and to take care of them during your absence.

Kango App let’s you schedule a ride or take care of your child, or both. The service provides a car seat or booster on request. Kango makes sure that each service providers’ background is thoroughly checked, as well as fingerprinted guardians and caregivers who are professional and trained to take care of children.

Stretch: Uber Car Rides for Kids App

Stretch is an Uber style car ride app made for kids and run by moms, er mums.. Stretchride is an Australian app-based service that offers a safe and secure service for kids to get car rides.  The service provides experienced drivers to transport kids to school & activities.

This app is specially developed for busy parents as the developers understand the parents’ busy schedule and hectic hours, which makes it tough to take care of their kids’ social activities and sports. Stretch lets you schedule your rides when you need them.

Zemcar: On Demand and Scheduled Safe & Reliable Rides for Children

Zemcar offers driving services for children 8-18. It is an Uber for kids style app-based service provider that provides your family’s trusted driver for whatever you need. If you book the driver with them, you are sure to have peace of mind because they provide a safer experience as their drivers are insured, highly screened, and recommended. Their motto is to create a circle of trust with the customers.

Zemcar offers a five point safety system that is sure to mollify the concerns of any parent:

  • Circle of trust
  • Real-time video monitoring
  • Driver monitoring mechanisms
  • Panic alerts and instant communication
  • Video permission for rider pickup

Pogo: Rides for Your Kids From People You Trust

Pogo offers trusted rides for your kids. This app developed by parents just like you. The unique aspect of this kids riding app is that the app will help you find a parent/family with an open seat for your kid. Obviously, you trust a local family more than a random Uber driver, right? Well, ostensibly. The team at Pogorides helps you find the right parent who has an extra seat and taking their kids to the same place so that they can take your child with them.  When you search for rides, the Pogo app will match browse profiles, routes, check relations, and read reviews.

You can send the message using Pogo App, and you can as well meet them in person if you like. Pogo offers 5 dollars per ride as a regular carpool reimbursement.

Ridezum: Scheduled or On-Demand Rides and Care for Children

Ridezum offers peace of mind for busy parents. This Uber for kids style app-based service provider offers on-demand rides and scheduled rides for kids, and takes care of children who are 5+ years. Ridezum app was developed for busy working parents just to remove their exhaustion and frustration in finding a safe, trustworthy, and reliable individual to drive their kids to their school and social activities and take care of them.

The Ridezum team has designed an app to provide innovative services that concentrate more on safety, trust, and serenity that every child and parent deserves.  The service providers claim that they are different from other providers as they provide reliable drivers for your child, AND also allows you to book an on-demand nanny for your child care where you drop-off and pick-up your child.

HopSkipDrive: Trusted Uber for Kids Card Ride App

HopSkipDrive offers safe ride services for kids. This app-based service designed and created by professional moms to lessen your stress by providing a ride service so that you will have less anxiety about your family on your busy schedule. HopSkipDrive was created by three super moms who had been going through this kind of struggle with their kids.

The moms who created this app know exactly how hard it is to trust anyone. That is why they developed a proper solution by providing the most experienced and the reliable drivers and caregivers to take care of your children. They vet everyone, and take a fingerprint of every car driver, and they monitor every ride. Sounds trustworthy to me!

Uber for Kids

Uber for X is a booming industry of an app style in which literally every service out there is available via an Uber-style app. Of course, let’s not forget the original Uber, which has entered the vernacular for ordering a taxi: “Let’s just Uber it!”.

If you need to look after the kids who are a little bit older in your life, but still need educational help? Check out our article on uber for tutors.

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