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Uber for Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing

uber for lawn careIs Uber for lawn mowing going to take over suburban neighborhoods? Are proud dad’s going to leave their John Deer ride-on lawnmowers in their garages this spring and summer?

Well, judging by what’s available, it looks like there are some tempting options out there for dads, in the form of Uber for X lawn care:

Cuttly: On-Demand Lawn Mowing App

Cuttly, is an on-demand lawn mowing mobile app. Cuttly’s app provides on-demand lawn mowing service instantly as they have a professional lawn mowing team who are all vetted and background checked, so you are sure to get outstanding service every time you tap on the app.

With Cuttly, you don’t need to pay in cash, and once the lawn mowing completed, users can withdraw the money through their credit cards automatically, and then receive the receipt in email. Cuttly proclaims to be able to start cutting your lawn within just two hours…in some cases. They should have used Edward Scissorhands as their mascot.

Lawn Guru: Lawn & Snow On Demand Service

Lawn Guru is an app-based lawn mowing service provider which uses satellite mapping technology to provide a precise quote.  With advanced mapping technology the LawnGuru app traces your property with a bird’s eye image of the lawn area that needs to be mowed.

When you press on the request button, it will ask you to choose plow or cut, and allow you to view and hire the professional provider available in that area to mow the lawn. This is the closest thing to an Uber for lawn care that exists. Using the payment icon, you can pay after the mowing is completed.L awnGuru will send the receipt and also send photos of your freshly mowed lawn! Their website also implies that they have snow removal options as well.

Plowz and Mowz: On Demand Lawn Mowing, Snow Plowing, & Leaf Removal App

Plowz and Mowz offers an on-demand lawn mowing service “for your most burdensome jobs”. This app has built up quite a reputable name in this industry, and they also offer free quotes. In addition to law mowing, they also offer leaf removal. Don’t be surprised if they ask you a few questions about your lawn – it helps them provide a more accurate quote.

Plowz and Mowz offers you a service date option where you can select any date to mow your lawn.  Also, you can select the service in your area.

Mowdo: On-Demand Lawn Care App

Mowdo says that “lawn care has never been easier”. Mowdo lets you find the best local lawn mowers that are friendly, background checked as well as professionals who can do the job quickly and efficiently. Basically, an Uber for lawn care app.

Mowdo service provides accurate pricing instantly and allows you to schedule for the service at your convenience. Mowdo is a highly rated app that has been providing professional lawn mowing services for several happy customers. Additionally, they also have a smart robot lawn mower in the works, so the details on their site still seem to be coy about that.

GreenPal: Lawn Care Online

Green Pal is interesting as it doesn’t seem to have a mobile app. GASP! How can that be? How will they become the Uber of lawn care without an app? Well, it seems like their website is quite capable of handling orders, and they seem to be popular as well. Give it a shot!

Green Pal offers affordable lawn prices, and they promise to take care of your lawn with next day booking. You can get a free quote and it offers the service closer to your home. It takes less than a minute to book the service, and it allows you to choose professionals in your area. The Green Pal will make sure that the local workers are experts by checking their equipment, background, and it ensures that you will get your lawn done at a very competitive price.

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