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Uber for Boats on Demand

uber for boatsIn a hurry? Is there a body of water in you way? Don’t have enough cash for an Uber for helicopters? Well how about an Uber for boat rentals?

Whether it’s for sport, leisure, or need, you can now use a mobile Uber for X app to order an on demand boat or yacht in a jiffy. Check out the best boat rental apps below:

Boatbound: Find and Rent the Perfect Boat

Some estimates suggest that an average boat owner uses his vessel only a few times in a year. Nearly 95% of the 13 million plus registered boats in the USA are unused most of the time. Boatbound capitalizes on this fact, and offers people a unique option to rent a boat. Basically, an Uber for boats.

The only exception is that you will be booking water routes on demand through their site within minutes. Boatbound covers boat owners risk through a hefty $1 million Lloyd’s insurance plan. They keep a certain percentage of the rental fee, which helps them pay the insurance premium for the outrageous insurance cover.

Get My Boat: On Demand Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters

With 67000+ boat rentals and charters, GetMyBoat connects boating enthusiasts and boat owners through their boat rental platform. It all started when the founders noticed endless boats sitting idle in one of their sailing journeys. On their return from the trip, they decided to give life to GetMyBoat.

Today, it’s the world fastest growing boat rental company. It has more than 50,000 boats in 150+ countries. This Uber for boats and Uber for yachts mobile app makes booking a breeze. Unlike the past, an average Joe can also book a boat in a snap through the company’s on demand mobile app similar to Uber for rides. Boat rental services start as low as $40 an hour.

Hoba Rides: The Uber for Boating

Hoba is a self described Uber for boating on demand mobile app that lets people book boat rides instantaneously. The company aims to change the way tourists and locals sail around the town.

Unlike conventional boat-ride-sharing apps, Hoba allows users to customize their schedule, filter and find the best-licensed captain near them, and negotiate best rates with them. Users are charged only when they agree on the negotiated price.

Once the trip is confirmed, one can pay through the app itself via their credit card. All the registered captions are pre-screened and are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. 

EZ Waves: Boat Charter Booking Software

EZ Waves stands true to its name. It has been creating a lot of waves in the boating industry. It’s a boating based mobile application that deems itself to be the Uber for the boating world. The app connects captains with users for all the on-the-water activities.

Their boat charter booking software lets users search, book, and go boating on the same day too. As a matter of fact, one can book a caption within minutes and set for the trip with one’s family within the next few hours itself.  The booking and payment are securely handled through the app itself.

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