Uber Style Apps for Doctors & Healthcare

In today’s era, there isn’t much that you can’t get delivered right to your doorstep on demand. From wine, dinner, cleaners, limos, barbers and drones, you can get nearly anything with a single click of an Uber for X app. Okay, maybe more than one click. But you get the point. In short, convenience at its best.

One would have thought that the healthcare system, specifically doctors, would be unattainable via a few clicks and swipes with a smartphone. But, with technology moving at an incredibly fast pace, it looks as if doctors and pediatricians have been swept into the Uber-style craze and are indeed available via a smartphone app. Call it Uber for Doctors.

Breaking Down Doctor On-Demand Apps:

There are a ton of health apps available online, and we’ve chosen the 4 that we think are the best out there at the moment.

Baby Doctor App

One of the best and latest doctor-on-demand apps, the Baby Doctor brings licensed nurse practitioners and pediatricians to the doorstep of parents, irrespective of the time of the day. The major objective of this app is to prevent the wasted time indulged in overcrowded emergency rooms with sick kids who are suffering from normal ailments like a minor cough and stomach bugs.

This health app helps in connecting the parents with physicians and nurse practitioners who are specialized in treating children and infants in less than 60 minutes. The Baby Doctor app works like a normal digital doctor’s appointment book. Parents request for a vetted medical professional using the app, who ends up discussing the child’s symptoms and provides the exact time of his/her arrival.

Pager: On-Demand Doctor Service

Health app Pager is available in New York City. The notable thing about this company/app is that the founder of Pager was part of the team who created Uber, lending credence to the uber-style model that is being brought to the healthcare system. A first-time visit using this app costs $50 and regular visits are priced at $200, while a physical checkup should cost you $100.

Page app helps you to connect with physicians who take extreme care to treat your urgent medical needs like strep throat, upper respiratory infection, urinary tract, fever, influenza, bronchitis, cold, back pain, nausea, burns, allergy, rashes, and asthma. In addition, clinicians are independently credentialed and verified to ensure quality care in communities we live.

Go2Nurse App

Go2Nurse app helps in bringing nurses to homes in Milwaukee and Chicago for medical care. The app also provides assistance to newborns, home pregnancy care, and special care for individuals suffering from Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

Edward Ben-Alec, Founder and chief technical officer of Go2Nurse said that he and his founding partners were motivated by the desire to improve the healthcare system.

Heal: On Demand Doctor Visits

A smartphone application similar to the on-demand car service Uber; the only difference is that at a single click of the Heal app, a physician shows up at your door. Boy have times changed!

Heal is all about simplicity. After downloading the Heal app, simply add your details like name, address and the reason for the needed visit from the doctor, followed by the details of your credit card. You then send a request for a pediatrician or doctor to visit your home. Within 30-40 minutes, a physician will arrive for a flat fee of $99. Finally, a solution for sick people who do not want to venture out into the cold!

Originally started in Los Angeles, this app then spread to San Francisco and has now begun to roll out to the rest of the US. According to Dr. Renee Dua, Founder and chief medical officer of Heal, there are plans to roll out this app to other 14 major cities in the US by the end of the year.

The Future of On-Demand Doctor Apps & Health Apps

I’d recommend to keep in mind that these apps are certainly not a replacement for traditional physicians and the appointment procedures that you go through with physicians who may have known you for years.  However, these apps are handy for symptoms and ailments that are not life-threatening and require less time to diagnose.

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