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Uber for Interpreters: On Demand Translation App Reviews

uber for translatorsIt’s a funny scene to imagine, but did you ever need an interpretor or translator in a pinch? In today’s on-demand world, an on-demand interpreter or translator is a logical service that is now offered.

Some are calling it Uber for X for interpreters or Uber for translators. We are simply calling it: mobile apps for on demand interpretation and translation.

Without further ado, here are the best Uber for translation and interpretation mobile apps out there:

Stepes: Mobile App Translation Service

Stepes is a game changer. Said to be the fastest translation service on the face of this planet, it brings translation service from the desktop to your mobile phone. It’s the World’s first on demand mobile app that starts translating within minutes from your smartphone anytime on the go on real-time basis.

Basically, Stepes transforms your smartphone into a professional human translation tool. Their pricing starts at $0.10 per word. For a moment, think of Uber for rides. It transformed the way we book rides. Since desktop lacks the agility and speed of mobile based translation service, Stepes is proving to be another good example of business models that drives innovation to meet success.

Stratus: Onsite Interpretation

Founded in 2011, Stratus Video provides on demand interpreter services through their cloud-based video solution to any Internet-enabled PC, Mac, iPhones, tablet, or smartphone. They connect users with interpreters in over 175 languages in less than a minute through their mobile app.

Cost effective and convenient; their innovative technology improves lives through better and effective real-time communication. Although they specialize in court and medical interpreting (their app certainly touches on the Uber for Doctors category), their technology applies to almost every industry out there. They average thousands of video calls a day. Users make use of the Stratus video platform to connect with their own interpreters or well experienced and qualified Stratus interpreters.

Bylyngo: On Demand Phone, Video, and Document Interpretation and Translation Service

Bylyngo is one of the leading providers of interpreting services that makes it a breeze to avail high-quality interpretations and translation services on demand anytime through a mobile app. The company aims to revolutionize the way the world communicates just like Uber for rides revolutionized the way we book short distance rides.

With cutting-edge technology combined with high qualified, trained, and certified interpreters in 70+different languages, their online portal offers fair compensation to interpreters while providing top quality interpreting services to their clients. Clients have the ability to handpick any interpreter or select the first available interpreter for immediate or future work, depending on their preference.

Ablio: Uber Style Live Interpreting On Demand

Having face-to-face conversation with a person who doesn’t understand your language doesn’t have to be a task from hell anymore. All thanks to Ablio, a mobile app that instantly connects interpreters with customers. It’s an on demand 24/7 live interpreting service that lets you book the most appropriate interpreter for your session in a flash.

Ablio has an Uber for interpreter and translator style and unique business model that has been well-received by the general public. Users get well-qualified and experienced interpreters rather quickly and effortlessly than a conventional interpretation agency. It’s a global platform so anyone out there can avail their services anytime on the go by getting connected to remote live interpreters. Their prices start at 1.48/min.

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