Uber for Lawyers: Uber-Style Lawyer Apps in 2019

A new way of connecting lawyers and clients had been developed using Uber for X apps which are essentially called Uber for lawyers. Living in the information age, we become dependent on technology, which makes our life faster and much easier. There are other apps developed that bring professionals closer to their clients with just a click of a button. But especially to the legal community, this channel is crucial to give clients a more convenient and a more affordable way of reaching them.

Top Five Leading ‘Uber for Lawyers’ Mobile Apps in 2017:


Referred to unofficially as “the Avvo lawyer app”, Avvo changed the marketing landscape of marketing the legal profession. While other websites permit lawyers to post their basic contact information for potential clients to get in touch with them, Avvo shows more information than that of the standard. Avvo lets lawyers post a resume that is online and for everybody to browse. This gives the public an overview of the employment, academic history and noteworthy professional accomplishments of the lawyers.


LegalZoom makes online preparation services for paralegal documents.  This type of Uber for lawyers claims that it is the leading legal website in the United States. The tagline of LegalZoom is “We Put the Law on Your Side,” which may be interpreted as bringing the legal profession closer to the clients but actually is a claim that the company cannot do what it does if it were a law firm because of a number of marketing regulations that govern legal profession in the country! Talk about legalese!  Legal  Zoom offers clients a list of choices of legal documents that can be bought at a price fixed by the company.

Rocket Lawyer

Similar to other apps considered Uber for lawyers, Rocket Lawyer provides a wide range of legal forms which are very useful and convenient for clients. They offer various personal and business forms but excludes immigration forms like the I-485 that is needed for the application for a resident card that is permanent. Rocket Lawyer offers free engagements with lawyers who are part of their service. Other forms available include financial and real estate forms.


JustiServ maintains a quality service to its clients by matching the profile of the clients with the appropriate legal counsel. Potential clients fill up questionnaires made by experts for their profiling. The company, then, processes the answered questionnaires through their system, which automatically generates a list of lawyers who are appropriate for their specific cases. Thus, making this Uber for lawyers’ app greatly convenient for clients.


LawDingo lets clients filter the available lawyers not only per region but also per practice area. To search lawyers by practice area is its main unique feature. Clients may discuss their case and be given suggestions on which practice area is appropriate for them. After knowing which kind of lawyer the client needs, the lawyer profiles will be presented and the lawyer will be ready to accept the call and provide legal service online.

Although there are variances among these five companies, they all make the same concept: They all aim to bridge the gap between clients and the legal community. Consumers, or defendants in this case, can now acquire legal services and get a lawyer to represent them by the click of a button – on either a legal website or lawyer app.

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