uber for videographer and cameramen

Uber for Videographers & News Reporters

uber for videographer and cameramenBoy, now we’ve heard everything. Uber for X for this, Uber for that, and now Uber for videographers! What’s next, turning Uber drivers into cameramen? Oh, wait, they already have that too.

The Uber style industry has exploded in recent months, and now there is a whole host of apps which are dedicated toward various elements of videography: live footage from fledgling reporters, or people simply offering live video of particular locations or events. We’ve broken up this post into two sections: Uber for videographers and Uber for News.

Uber for Videographer Apps:

These aren’t videographers in the sense that you would hire one of these guys for your wedding, but it’s in the same vein:

Stringr: Shoot Footage and Get Paid

Stringr allows smartphone users to be freelance videographers. It’s a digital marketplace that enables media organizations such as TV news stations to buy video or pictures from amateur as well as pro videographers. Basically, the media can use Stringr to be an Uber for video and news clips.

Users who download the app are sent push notifications whenever some media outlet is looking for something to be recorded near you. Then, the videographer can upload his/her video via the site or the app.  If the media outlets choose to buy the uploaded footage, users get paid the next business day via PayPal. As such, anyone out there can join Stringr – the Uber for video – but valuable content is the only way to earn a good amount of money in Stringr.

uZoom: Live Video Feeds

uZoom is a live mobile streaming app that enables anyone with a smartphone to witness the world through someone’s eyes. The Seattle-based company allows anyone out there to witness any part of the world for a small fee. Basically, it’s an Uber for live video.

uZoom app users can request live streaming of any location in desired settings around the globe. It’s like exploring the world through digital mode in its purest form. Users can request live streaming of sports events, cultural activities, award ceremony, neighborhood areas while hunting homes, or just about any other interesting location. No contact information is exchanged to use the viewer controlled uZoom service.

Uber for News Apps:

If you can believe it, there is a company out there that is turning Uber drivers into breaking news reporters. Call it Uber for news. NEWSCAR seems to still be in the signup age, but they are turning drivers into footage-capturing news vigilantes.

NEWSCAR says that they have a global positioning system in which they can provide live tracking of drivers who are closest to the scene of a story. Also, they say that their drivers will be equipped with an application that delivers pictures shot in a widescreen format for automatic upload and immediate broadcast.

Can NEWSCAR change the face of news? Probably not for a while, as quality will still be a big issue.

Another angle is a proper news station which is recruiting locals to submit their footage in return for payment. Call it outsourcing or news for hire, but Fox 29 seems to be onto something as they have teamed up with Fresco News. Right now they are offering the following rates: videos can earn users $50 and photos can bring you $20.

If you’re after a broader range of freelance support, check out our article on uber for freelancers and outsourcing.

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