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Uber for Cuddling

cuddling uber appsUber for X cuddling is a bit of a murky subject, with potential legal ramifications which have suppressed the Uber for escort app industry.

However, there seems to be (or was) quite a small and cuddly niche that has been carved out there for anyone looking for on demand cuddling or spooning. Check em out:


Spoonr: Cuddling App

It was fun while it existed, so it’s worth a mention over here. Spoonr, formerly known as Cuddlr, as well as “Uber for cuddling” was a social mobile app for cuddling. This app alerted men and women about the closest cuddlers in walking distance. Have a cuddle, feel better, and continue with the rest of your day.

At first glance, it might seem a bit depressing or awkward to cuddle with strangers, but the app actually gets rid of the depression by making up for the lack of human contact that exists in our modern society. However, the cuddling thing didn’t go very far and made an early exit from the app world.

The Snuggle House: Professional Hugging, Cuddling, Spooning with Strangers
The Snuggle House followed the same path as Spoonr. They came into business in Madison, Wisconsin, dominated the arena for a while and finally perished into thin air. Cuddling people for $60 an hour was anyways an expensive affair. However, it’s not the price point that lead to its downfall, but prostitution accusations halted the business. I guess Uber for cuddling quickly turned into Uber for prostitution. Yes, the cuddling business was charged for being a face of prostitution.

As such, any wrongful acts were forbidden during cuddling with panic buttons and camera located in every bedroom. However, the stress relieving cuddling therapy didn’t go well with many attorneys who took deep breaths only after shutting down the company.

Cuddlist: Professional Cuddling Service

With cuddling business catching mainstream attention, Cuddlist brings forward its army of Cuddlist practitioners who listen, console, comfort, and encourage their clients in a cuddling session. In a society that is suffering from chronic touch deprivation, it’s looked up as a valuable healing practice that does something magical to lift a person’s mood and spirit.

With its recent popularity, it’s proving to be a powerful outlet for those who believe that they can benefit from cuddling. Make no mistake; it’s a non-sexual cuddling session, so this Uber for cuddling will avoid becoming the next Uber for prostitution. Cuddlist practitioners will offer emotional and platonic cuddle therapy for your wellness. Cuddlist allows people of all genders to book a cuddle session.

It should be noted that Cuddlist seems to be the only operative and active cuddling app that is active on the app market. But, judging by the fate or Spoonr and Snuggle House, it might not last forever.

If you’re looking for perhaps a more adult interaction with other human beings, check out our article on uber for escorts, paid dating and stripping apps.

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