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Uber for Pets: Dog Walking & Sitting

dog walker appWhy should Uber for X only be for humans? Don’t cats and dogs deserve comfort and convenience? The term Uber for pets is still developing, but it looks like the mobile app industry for pets is turning into the following: dog walking apps, cat sitting apps, and pet lending.

For any cats and dogs reading this post, have no fear – all of these Uber for pets apps were designed to make your lives better than they are already are. (And if you have an owner, you’re doing quite well in the animal kingdom, when it comes to comfort, but less so in regard to freedom).

Best Mobile Apps for Dog Walking and Cat Sitting:

Wag Walking: The #1 Dog Walking and Dog Sitting App for Busy Dog Owners

Wag Walking is a dog walking app that allows you to browse through and book certified local dog walkers in your area. You can book on-Demand or choose to book on a reoccurring basis. GPS tracking will also enable you to view your dog being walked. The walker will record whether your dog did its “business”, or not. Wag Walking doubles as a dog sitting app too, where you can schedule an overnight stay for your dog, which can include pick-up and drop-offs. If you are gone for a long period of time, you can get daily photo updates, to rest assure that your dog is being looked after and looks happy.

Dogise: Uber for Dog Walking

Dogise is a dog walking app run through Dectar, and acts as an Uber for dogs. The app allows dog sitters to log in and receive dog sitting requests from other users. It allows them to check their orders, any ratings given to them, as well as accept payments instantly via PayPal and credit cards. After inputting your price details, it will calculate how much money you are or will be earning for current and future jobs. The app also uses a GPS system to track the location and duration of all dog walks that have taken place, so that the customer can view them.

GoFetch: Airbnb for Dog Watchers

GoFetch is an Airbnb-style dog sitter app that allows you to search through thousands of verified sitters, who are able to look after your dog at their home. All you have to do is enter your travel dates, and then you will be able to contact all available local sitters. The app lets you contacts and pay securely, without the need for third-party payment systems. Every booking that is scheduled through GoFetch includes pet insurance, emergency support, as well as the fees being secure. This service is currently only available for specific Canadian cities.

Swifto: Dog Walking with GPS

Swifto is a private dog walking app for New York City residents. As these walks are private, it means that each dog is walked exclusively by itself on a one-to-one basis. If you have more than one dog, though, you can request for them all to be walked at the same time. Every dog walk is tracked by the GPS app, which will also send you a text when the dog walk starts and finishes. You will also receive photos from the walker of your dog on the duration of the walk, as well as being able to see the map of the routes that are taken. Walks are can be scheduled as early as 6 AM, or as late as 11 PM.

DogVacay: Dogboarding for Local Sitters

DogVacay is another Airbnb for dogs and pet sitting app which grants you access to a community of over 40,000 sitters. You have the choice between looking for pet boarding, sitting, daycare, check-ins, and dog walking. Simply input your postcode and dates of travel, and browse all of the sitters that are in your location. You then book and pay securely through the app, and everything else will be taking care of by the walker or sitter. DogVacay offers 24/7 customer support, by either phone or email. They also provide premium pet insurance for every single reservation that is made through the website or mobile app.

Bark’N’Borrow: Lend Your Dog

Bark’N’Borrow is a dog lending app, which lets you lend out your dog whenever you are unable to look after it, with people who love dogs. It can also be used as a dog borrowing app, for those that do not own a dog themselves but would like to spend the day with one. The app promotes a good dog loving community, rather than it just being a generic dog walking app. Premium pet insurance is guaranteed with every booked dog walk, and all payments are securely done via PayPal. All users have been checked, so that everyone can be as safe as possible.

Cat in a Flat: Local Cat Sitters

In addition to the cute name, Cat in a Flat is a cat sitting app in which you can find someone trusted in your local neighborhood. It uses an Airbnb style of booking, and uses language such as “Browse our cat-worshipping cat sitting community”, which indicates that they take their cats very seriously. Cat in a Flat is currently operating in the UK area.

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