Silicon Valley Comes to Tel Aviv 2023

Silicon Valley Comes to Tel Aviv was an outstanding event. A fantastic array of speakers throwing down some serious knowledge in the magnificent surrounds of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

We take it for granted that COVID is over but scenes such as hundreds gathered together are a welcome sign of what we missed while COVID paralysed the world for 2 years.


The highlight of the event was Jeffrey Katzenberg speaking to Deel Co-Founder and CEO Alex Bouaziz. Bouaziz made it like a conversation as opposed to an interview and Katzenberg opened up, giving insights learned over his 50 year career.

Before then the audience heard from Arik Shtilman of Rapyd, Anna Pelkin of TikTok and Matt Schulman of Pave. Each of them spoke about lessons they learned along the way.

For those looking to go public Eliran Glazer from, Sebastian Kanovich from D-local and Guy Navon from Discount-Tech spoke about perils and pitfalls about it. Going public is a serious undertaking and there is a lot to contemplate before making the leap.

Given the high quality of the content, thoroughly recommend the conference to anyone in the niche. Not only does it have great learnings but the networking opportunities are invaluable.
For any start-up out there, you should seriously consider attending.
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