Ubersuggest Acquired by Neil Patel

What’s the first thing you think of when you think Neil Patel? SEO guru? Slick salesman? Regardless of what you think, you’ve got to respect his hustle. And it looks like Patel has something up his sleeve with his recent acquisition of Ubersuggest.

Though this isn’t official news yet, those of us who use Ubersuggest on a frequent basis were able to catch this little header image on the site (it was up for at least an hour):

My immediate reaction is one of skepticism. Though Neil Patel has given a ton to the industry (his SEO guides are incredible), lately he seems to be selling a ton of courses. Too many courses for my liking. Again, I don’t blame the guy, but I can have my opinion 🙂

As for what Patel’s plans are for Ubersuggest, I guess I’ll state what everyone is fearing: he might turn it into a paid tool. NOOOOOOOO, don’t do it Neil!

The naive side of me really likes Neil Patel and his hoping that he doesn’t turn it into a paid tool. I think ultimately it will be something in between: he will leverage the tool into some sort of membership, and then heavily push more courses on all members who signed up. If that’s the case, then I can sort of live with that.

There are 2 more questions that need to be answered, however:

  1. How much did he pay for Ubersuggest?
  2. Why was the announcement taken down so quickly?

The answer to the first question isn’t so simple. Worthofweb.com tells us that it is worth $1.56 million, and Similar Web shows us that it gets about 950,000 overall visits a month. I’d say that because Ubersuggest has a very particular niche of visitors, (i.e. the transactional type, i.e. the people who have clients or are trying to make a buck in internet marketing), the cost is definitely more than $1.5 million. I’d say that a combination of the high quality of traffic, as well as branding, makes this likely a $3.5 million deal.

As for the latter question, well, it was probably some overzealous intern. Or more likely, Neil Patel’s lawyer saw it and freaked out.

*crossing fingers that Ubersuggest remains free forever!*

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