Uber for X

uber for x interconnectivityAny business that operates in an on-demand economy, via mobile app or website, in which services and products are delivered ‘on-demand’ is referred to as Uber for X.

The term Uber started via the ride hailing app of the same name. Due to their predominant success as the ride hailing app, the term Uber has become vernacular for requesting on-demand services or products, generally via mobile app.

Uber for X Meaning:

The Uber for X phenomenon is the basic idea of using an Uber-like mechanism or platform in order to connect consumers and sought after services. The same way Uber connects users with taxis, Uber for X refers to the general populace being connected with any service they desire, (so long as there is an Uber style app for it). The Uber for X model theoretically connects users with all Uber style services.

Though some outlets have said that the Uber industry won’t go anywhere, the online and app demand for Uber style apps is growing and continually reaching record highs. Product Hunt has a vibrant list of Uber for X products that is constantly updated.

Uber for X Code & Free Scripts:

The term Uber has become more than just a vernacular way of referring to a type of app or service. It is a style and platform for a code in which one creates their own Uber-style service using the unofficially titled ‘Uber for X code’. Here are a few websites which offer various Uber for X platforms, ranging from open source to purchased and Uber-ready platforms:

  • V3Cube: On demand style pre-built apps
  • Uber.Github: Open source Uber projects
  • Free Code Camp: Explanation of Uber for X schema and Uber app ecosystem
  • Dectar: Uber style clone service app for purchase

Reviews of Uber for X On Demand Apps:

Check out our in depth and unbiased reviews of the most in demand, er, on demand, Uber for X mobile apps available today: