Uber for Tutors: Mobile Apps for On-Demand Student Tutoring

uber for tutorsUber for tutoring is a natural progression from the Uber for X style craze that has taken over the mobile app and hi-tech industry. Disrupting education is something that has been a long time coming, especially with standardized testing and scores becoming such a huge part of education and culture.

Although the market for education and tutoring based apps has been quite slow. Apps in the past such as TutorSpree have actually failed (though they were more online platforms then they were mobile apps). But it seems that the education and student market is now ripe for an “Uber for tutor” style mobile app for tutoring in and outside the classroom – whether for high school, college, or grad school.

Best Tutoring Mobile Apps:

Without further ado, here are our favorites so far. If you know of any other Uber for tutor style apps, then send us a message on our Facebook page!

Kram Tutors: On Demand Tutors at Your University

Kram is a mobile app that lets you find and connect with a tutor at your school or university. It lets you browse through course codes particular at your school and instantly view available tutors attending the same university as yours. You can message your preferred tutor and set an appointment. There will be no need to bring cash as the credit card on your profile will be deducted automatically after the session.

Those who want to tutor can also use the app to sign up as one. Once signed up, students can message you and arrange a session. You will be paid instantly after the session. This app seems like the right type of central tutoring hub to succeed in 2017.

Tutorill: Uber for Tutors

Tutorill is the real deal when it comes to Uber for tutors. Once the student requests for a tutor, it will be received by multiple available tutors within your location. As soon as a tutor accepts the request, the student will be able to communicate directly via the app.

Some of the Tutorill’s features are tutor tracking; where the locations of the tutors are tracked via GPS. Tutors can also be rated, which they and the admin can track. Students can also provide their feedback about the tutor. The students can also share their experience through the social sharing feature of the app. Payment transactions are also tracked.

Scholarly: On Demand Tutor

If you urgently need a respected tutor near you, use the Scholarly app to help you find one. You can search for professional tutors anywhere you are, anytime. Scholarly is an on-demand tutoring provider that connects students to tutors right away. If you are having troubles with your homework or if you are preparing for a test for any subject, this is definitely a must-have app.

For those who would like to tutor, you can either tutor part-time or full-time through this app. Work at your own convenience. If you are already decided, sign up by selecting the checkbox “Tutor” during registration and attach your resume.

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